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Carrie: Congratulations! :

Becca: I cut that tail off and never looked back. It is so.much.different. without it. I went from having pain all the time to never having pain again.

Ashley: Love those pictures! Your little blondies are so cute!

Elizabeth is still nursing, and I try to say yes to her every time she asks because I know the end is near. We were down to just before bed, but since I work nights sometimes five/six nights a week, Grawnee is putting her to bed, so it's hit or miss every day. She nursed yesterday for 15 seconds, but didn't nurse for two days previous. I think I only have milk on one side.
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Weaning days are so sad. Iain's been weaned for a year now, but it's still sad to think about it. He said for quite a while that he remembered nursing, but I don't know that he does now. It was so sudden, kind of like you're describing, Samantha - with going a few days, then nursing, then not for a while - that I don't even know when he last nursed! It was sometime between July and the end of September, when the baby was born (last year).

He's such a different child than my first! He's very clearly a slow-to-warm up personality. He can be VERY slow, but when he opens up, there's this fountain of thoughts and ideas that he stores up inside. He's always been a studious observer. It's great to actually hear what's going on in his head now, though it does make it even more dramatic the differences in his mood and personality!
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I'm gonna cut off the tail. Otherwise, I'm in love with my gladrags and diva cup! A good first PPAF (at 19 month pp)! Robin spied my pink polka dot gladrags and was very interested - she wants some too, I think.

So, I got a mirena IUD inserted Thurs...and totally passed out on the table. I used to pass out fairly often with medical stuff, but really haven't since Robin was born. I wasn't expecting it. I had thought that something shifted when I had her and my weirdo panic disorder was a thing of the past. but the process was more painful/uncomfortable than I expected, and I guess feeling my uterus get tugged was more than I could take. i hope I dig the IUD, b/c i don't want to go back and get it taken out anytime soon!
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Becca, just so you know, getting it taken out is completely, totally different than insertion. I didn't even feel the taking it out part -- it was a very gentle tug and then out. Getting it in, not so much fun, but I had mine inserted at 6 wks PP and the midwife said it was the easiest insertion she's done in a long time! I guess my cervix was still open some.

I don't know WHAT to do for birth control this time around. We know we don't want more kids, but the IUD doesn't work for me because of my slightly irregular uterus. I can't do hormonal b/c... DH says he will get a vasectomy, but I know he doesn't really want to and for some reason I'm a bit hesitant about it... the sort of unknown side-effects. There's really nothing perfect!
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well, augs, if you can't do hormones, your options would either be barrier methods, either one of you getting the snip-snip, or, um, abstinence...

I'd suggest monogamous lesbianism as a superb form of birth control, but it doesn't appeal to everyone works like a charm for us though!!
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My son has been "making cake" for nearly an hour in the kitchen.

"Cake" started with leftover white oak bark and witch hazel bark from an herbal infusion I made yesterday which had not all made it out to the compost yet today.

It then needed some nutmeg, because he was making custard.

Then he came into the dining room and fetched the salt and pepper grinders.

Then he worked fastidiously for a while, and I didn't pay much attention to him because I heard him talking to himself, transferring barky bits from bowl to container to bowl and occasionally dropping this and that and muttering "shoot" to himself.

When I came out to the kitchen, I found out that "cake" now included:
  • almost an entire bottle of herbs de provence
  • 3/4 of Jo's bottle of vanilla syrup (for making flavored steamed milk)
  • a couple of tablespoons of Coca-Cola that were left over in a can on the counter

In a few minutes it also came to include some more water.

It had to be distributed into many different containers including some spice containers that were in his reach that were empty.

And then he tried to cut it and it went ALL OVER the counter.

Mmmm.... cake.
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Oh, and hee hee, I'll suggest monogamous lesbianism to Tony and see what he thinks! He'd probably be more supportive of that than abstinance (and so would I).
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well, when we were filling out the few lines on my chart for "post-partum plans" last time around, one of them was "planned birth control?" and I told her 'monogamous lesbianism' and not only did she laugh, but she wrote it down. I loved that midwife...
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Here you all are! I wondered where everyone had gone.

Jen - the cake sounds delicious. yum yum.

Carrie - congratulations!

zen-oz -- so glad the diet is working and you were / will be feeling better.

Becca -- sorry you're sad about weaning.

I am really ready for Aaron to wean, but he's no where near ready. I've finally convinced him that he doesn't need to nurse between 8 pm and 4am and that is about all he can handle. He's still nusring every hour or two and cluster nursing morning and evening. I am so worn out and it looks like we've got another six months at least to go. He has a much more pleasant personality than his brother, but he is even more persistent and energetic. I think I want a third, but sometimes I don't know how I would manage. I already feel like all I do is clean and referee all day.

Andrew has been waking up super early in the last two weeks. We're talking between 3:45 and 4:30 early. I don't know if he's just extra wired from playschool - he's complaining of sore tummies and too much noise everywhere, too, or just wanting time with mom without Aaron (you would think he would figure out that screaming "MOM! MOOOOM!"at the top of his voice would wake up Aaron by now), but its very annoying. After a week of it I've now decided that we're not watching tv in the morning and that I'm not getting up before 5:30 or 6 -- he can get up by himself.

Other than that, we seem to be doing pretty well. He's obviously a detail oriented person, because he started drawing people, but then after one he got mired down with drawing their joints and their brain. Yesterday after we did a craft at library story time where they made faces on paper plates he was really quiet all through lunch and then finally said, "Faces are not circles."
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Are you all moms of Sept babes sending your kiddos next year to kindergarten?

I am assuming Lulu will be socially and academically ready, but I guess we are sort of cuspy here. The cut off in my state is October, I think. Or perhaps Dec. Unsure.

What thinketh you all?

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T is not 'cuspy' (like that word) at all, cut-off for his school for Kindergarten is 5 by July and for 1st grade is 6 by May, so it's not even a consideration for us...
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Jill -- The "faces are not circles" quote from Andrew had me laughing. That is one detail-oriented kid you have there! That's impressive! When Thor draws people (which is not very frequently) he draws "Pippi" and all his people have pigtails that stick straight out.

Liz -- It wouldn't be an option for Thor to go to Kindergarten next year, either. The cutoff here is 5 by August 31. I don't think I'd send him even if he could go, though, even though it's impossible to know what he'll be like at that time. I just have a feeling he's going to need another year emotionally. He's having a hard time with the transitioning from home to preschool two days a week as it is!
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Originally Posted by CatskillMtnMama View Post
Are you all moms of Sept babes sending your kiddos next year to kindergarten?

I am assuming Lulu will be socially and academically ready, but I guess we are sort of cuspy here. The cut off in my state is October, I think. Or perhaps Dec. Unsure.

What thinketh you all?

I think we'll do at least partial homeschooling of K for Iain next year. He's already doing some "school" (Kumon workbooks - he just finished nearly an entire tracing book just this evening, and it's a big one!). I don't know that he's socially ready, but he knows so much of what is expected to be done in K already, that I can't see waiting nearly two years from now to begin. KWIM? So assuming we're still going the homeschooling route, I see no reason not to work with him next Fall. We may consider also sending him two 2x/wk preschool for socialization and such.
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Hm, just to chime in, I think T would LOOOOOVE going to Kindergarten, as he currently LOOOOOOVES going to school and has been asking us recently to go to his Waldorf school every day and gets sad when he "has to" go to the immersion preschool. There is the option to have him in 5-day preschool, and we think this is what we will do, if we can afford it in any possible way *gulp*....

Even today (Saturday) he woke up and asked me if he could go to "big school". He was REALLY disappointed when I explained to him that no one goes to school on Saturday.
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I'm planning on sending Lulu to the local public preschool. There is no good local private school, and even if there was one, we couldn't afford it.

I do plan to keep her home quite a bit, because tho the local school is good, there is very little outdoor time. I suppose if the school gives us a hard time, I will have to explain it's for religious reasons. We zen buddhists need to spend time in the woods. Seriously. How can a spirit thrive without that?

If public school is a bomb, there is a local Bruderhoff school we could turn to. It's a christian farming community that welcomes "neighbors." They have a slidding fee scale, tho we always place high on that .... up here, because my DH is a public school teacher, we have a relatively high income. But our expenses are so high we have no money. And we live very simply...

Friends are planning a cooperative K-2 school, but that won't be til 2011, so that's not going to help w/Lulu. And by the time gingy is in kindergarten, I will probably have to send her to public five days a week because I will have to return to school/work myself.

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Our cutoff date for K is Sept 10... 5 days before L's b-day... So we're not going to challenge that. I have heard many parents talk about holding their summer b-day kids back. Other things... some say it depends on boy v. girl ... boys apparently will do better if held back... of course ALL generalizations. I have heard time and again from teachers and parents that no one has really regretted holding back, yet it seems there is more regret with enrolling early.

We have not put L in a preschool yet either, I'm considering starting him in January. And then next year be his "pre-K" year. Which I think will work well into classrooms that are predominantly geared toward teaching things that used to be taught to 1st graders.

I'm still actually considering homeschooling, but find that I have a lot of work that I need to do, so could use some focused time to get that done.
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The cutoff here is Sept. 1, and robin's birthday is sept. 1 - so she will be the youngest. We are going to send her to public school. We are lucky to be in a fabulous school district - we live w/in the city limits of Decatur, which is like a small town inside/ajacent to Atlanta. So the school district is tiny - I think 3 elementaries, 1 middle and 1 high school, and all very neighborhoody-walk/bike to school, community oriented. I would love to send her to the Waldorf school, but we can't swing a private school payment. She's at our cooperative preschool this year - she qualified for the local Pre-K, but it's longer days and I think that just not necessary at 4. Plus, I think she benefits from the social interaction at our school - we work really intentionally to help the kids negotiate their play and solve their problems independently. I wanted her to have a year of that before getting thrown into the pool at public school. I think she'll be ready for it.

I think there is a lot of truth to the boy/girl thing (hold back close-to-cutoff boys, maybe push forward close-to-cutoff girls). i definitely think each child is unique, but in general it holds true, and will until post-puberty. I'm biased though - I'm a sept. 13 girl and my parents put me in school as the youngest kid, and I was always glad they did. I talked to another woman who was very happy that her parents held her back b/c of a late birthday. I'm so glad Eli is a march kid and I won't have to deal with this issue.
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I am going to try and keep Elizabeth home as long as possible. She really wants to go to school, though. The only preschools that I am aware of are private, and having gone that route with my schooling, I'd rather pass it up.

I went to preschool at the local community center. I excelled there. When my parents put me into the private school for kindergarten, they wouldn't take me because my birthday was 23 days past the cut off. They wouldn't even test me (I was reading at three, so yeah, probably ready for kindergarten). I had to repeat preschool and I was bored. So bored that I would finish my work and then go help the other students with theirs. My teacher actually wrote notes home to my Mother because of this, and my Mother responded that since I was an only child and my brother was on his way, I would definitely be better after that. The teacher told my Mom that the worst thing she could do was have another child. She was none too pleased with that woman! I turned out fine, but I was held back in preschool!
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subbing.. will come back later and finish reading, It's time to take Mielle to school
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Annabanana what happened to you all on Tuesday?!
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