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Current happenings in Okie area

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Just thought I'd start a new thread, because it seems like there are a few things popping up that might be fun. These are things we usually do:

1. Myriad Gardens has free entry on Friday, October 3rd to kick off their orchid sale. *I* wouldn't buy such a pretty, expensive plant because someone in our house would destroy it, but the garden itself is awesome to explore, and we always take a picnic lunch to eat on the east side of the koi pond.

2. Western Heritage Museum (cowboy museum to us!) has free admission on Wednesdays through November 19th

3. Okc Zoo has free admission through October 12th if you bring a pumpkin bigger than your head. While our garden only produced one large pumpkin this year, could be worth it. Kids under three are always free anyway.

4. This weekend only October 3rd, 4th and 5th Talequah is hosting their second Flute Fest. Totally free and medium fun...no bouncy toys, but my kids really enjoyed the music and art last year, and they're mostly younger.

5. Watonga Cheese Festival October 10th, 11th, 12th...tour the cheese factory, supposed to pay $5 for over 12yo, but we didn't pay the last time we went. http://www.watongacheesefestival.com/

6. Global Oklahoma at Rose State College, October 4th 10am to 5pm. Free, lots of fun kids crafts, music, encampment...cheapo fair foods.

Anyone else have suggestions for activities, oktoberfests, festivals coming up?
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Hi all!
Just got an email saying that the Sam Noble Museum, in Norman (you know, the dinosaur museum...as the kids call it) will have free admission on Mondays through October, and then beginning Novembers will be free on the first Monday of the month.

I'm really excited about this, they weren't open on Mondays, and now they are!
It's just even better that it's free!
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Oh, I've always wanted to do the cheese festival, but I forget about it every year. Maybe we'll try to make it this year.
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Just found this site, focuses on tulsa, but does have some city stuff in it.
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Great link Oceanseve!

Did everyone here that the Sam Noble museum is now free on the first Monday of each month? We went last week and the new exhibits are really great. This coming Monday (the third) is free, and we'll probably head back.

Also, next Saturday (November eighth) is WeatherFest at the National Weather Service in Norman. If you haven't been, it's really quite fun and a great way to spend the morning. Lots of activities, tours, and freebies. I think 9:30 to 1pm
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We just moved to Norman (from California, that's a trip! ) less than a month ago. What is going on now?

I know that the Myriad Gardens and several other places have free days in December. I think that I heard that the Sam Noble Museum in Norman is having free days in December too. Is that correct? I've googled and searched their website and can't find anything about the free days at the Sam Noble Museum. Are the free MOndays still going on?
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You could always call them and ask. Its been so long since I worked there that I can't remember what their free days are.
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First monday of every month is free at Sam Noble, and in December the zoo is free every monday.
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I am late in coming to this thread -- but every time I read about Norman and OKC on MDC, I really want an OKC/Norman MDC playdate.

Is anyone interested?
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maybe after new year I can't imagine trying to cram anything else into this month, but I love the idea.
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I might be interested, depending when and where you wanted to get together. I don't know where you are located, but Norman would be better for me. We've been back in OK less than a month, and my 2 year old has decided to go diaper-free again (we EC'd for a while, but a house flood and other events ended that plan). Things are crazy around here now.

I'm hoping that the whole potty learning process will smooth out soon, but right now I'm trying to figure out what to do when we go out - diapers, training pants, padded undies, underwear or ??? It's making my head spin! :
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Oh, I was thinking in January or later...

In my experience you need to schedule these things WAY in advance because people don't check this forum much...

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I'm interested as well...I pretty much check the FYT every day, just don't post because no one else does
Just call me sheep.
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Ok -- let's do it.

What about something in Moore -- so it is in between for OKC and Norman folks?

We could meet at the Moore public library on (just picked this randomly) Tuesday January 13th at 10:00??

Feel free to propose an alternative date or time -- we are pretty open.

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Moore would work for us.

Monday or Friday would be much better though. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday ds goes to Mother's Day Out at Bart Conner's Gym. He calls it his "bounce" time. : Playing at Bart's Gym seems to keep him from jumping off of the sofa as much.

(He likes all of the smileys I used above.
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OK, no problem.

Monday January 12th?
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Originally Posted by tribalmax View Post
OK, no problem.

Monday January 12th?
Sounds good for me. Does anyone else have older children? Mine are 13, 11, 9, 8, 7, 5 and three...they like being prepared.
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Mine are 1 and 4...
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I have a dd who is 7 and a ds who is 2. :
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2 1/2 and almost 1. Not sure about the date but I hope it will pan out, at any rate I will try ..... Where's the moore library?

n/m scheduling conflict, I can't be there maybe next time
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