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Placenta encapsulation

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Just Curious if anyone has heard of this or had any experience with this?
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I did it for my birth. I wish they'd been ready right away after the birth so I could have benefited from them during the craziest part of the post partum period. I'm glad I did it and I'll do it again.
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I didn't encapsulate mine, but I wanted to say that I found it not to be necessary (for me anyway).

The main reason I didn't opt for encapsulation was all the work involved and conflicting information on how to do so, as well as not being able to take some right away after the birth.

My midwife cut a piece off for me and I made a smoothie with it about 12 hours post partum. Then, a friend cut me a few more pieces that I had my husband make smoothies with the nect day or so. Then, once I was able to get up the energy myself, (2 days pp), I put it in a bnig glass bowl and used scissors to section it. It was NOT gross at all. I HIGHLY recommend using scissors, though, because a knife is difficult. Scissors cut straight through and make clean pieces.

I then put the pieces in an ice tray, covered the ice tray with a ziploc bag and froze them. That lasted me 2 weeks pp.

Most of my smoothies were: yogurt, strawberries, bananna's, and fruit juice. I never tasted anything and found that my standard blender ground up the frozen placenta perfectly.
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My sister & a friend made my placenta into a tincture following this method...


Check over in the Birth & Beyond forum, too, because I'm sure there's a ton of info about various placental preparations over there.
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