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How to reduce swelling?

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Over the last week or so my feet and ankles have been getting more and more swollen. It started out not so bad but has progressed over the last few days to where it's becoming painful. Especially my right foot and ankle, more than the left. I saw my OB on Monday and he wasn't horribly concerned. So what can I do to help it? Seriously, it is going to be difficult going another 6 weeks like this.
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I'm in the same boat. I just started making sure to put my feet up during the day for at least a couple hours, then definitely at night before bed. Dh also massages them pretty regularly. I'm not sure that helps the swelling at all, but it feels nice Overall, I've been trying to stimulate my lymph system by walking regularly, dry brushing, etc. Good luck!
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my ankles get terrible, especially if I do too much sitting, desk sitting is terrible, and if I don't get my 7-8 hours in bed at night being horizontal then they don't get the chance to go down and the next day is 2x worse. So these things have helped me:

lots and lots and lots of lemon water and herbal teas
resting with feet up and if possible elevated above the heart for 15min ea.2-3hr period or as much as you can
lots of cucumber and watermelon

as long as your not getting the swelling in your hands and face and your not spilling protein in your urine and your bp isn't going up up up....it's just normal swelling from that big baby pressing on you return blood/fluid flow.
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Can you get in to see a massage therapist? I had mild to moderate swelling with both previous pregnancies, but I don't have any this time, which I attribute to getting professional massage. I also think it's swimming & prenatal yoga, neither of which I did with any consistency previously.

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Not in your DDC but can sympathize! I just started swelling up a bit and just bit the bullet and bought compression stockings. I used them last pregnancy and they really do help! I bought them from here http://www.brightlifedirect.com/ and they came in 3 days....sweet relief! Also lots and lots of water (and then even more), really trying to minimize salt intake and long periods of sitting/standing especially stationary. Good luck!
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Yep, drink drink drink more than you think you should have to drink. That usually helps me some. Also, I lay down nearly every day after dinner. My bedroom is getting boring, but the library books have been helping.
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Ive been trying to sit and prop my feet up on the coffee table or the couch.. However, DD seems to think it makes my legs climbing toys so they don't stay up too long.. Just make sure your blood pressure isn't getting too high and try to get comfortable. Oh, I find that not wearing closed shoes helps me a lot, theres something about having my feet in tight quarters that make them want to balloon.
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I've been doing a few yoga positions that seem to help. I have the Yoga for Pregnancy and Labor DVD. I got it from my library and DH burned it. It is about 45 minutes long and helps with swelling, ciatica (sp?) and some other pregnancy discomforts. Check it out if you can.
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Watermelon is a diuretic and helps with swelling, too.
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i feel for you. i got really bad cankles in july when i had to get on a plane. walking helped a lot. so did elevating my legs up the wall. prenatal yoga helps a lot too. i generally go every saturday and that seems to keep it away. the place i go to has some exercises online. the link is below. none say they're for swelling, but they all seem to loosen everything up and get the blood flowing for me.

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Last pregnancy my midwife had me start taking dandelion 3x daily to help with my swelling and it really does work. You can pick it up at your local health food store in the vitamin isle. Also pineapple helps a lot, if you can find it, eat tons of it, or you can buy it in capsules. Either way both of these together and drinking tons on top of that should hopefully help some. I am really hoping my swelling stays away. I hit 34 weeks today and no sign yet.....
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My friend's midwife said lemon helps a lot with swelling - drink lots of water with lemon in it or even lemonade. I've had the same problem and it seems to be helping at least a little.
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Oh, alfalfa really helps with fluid retention, and it's great for vitamin K, too.
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I've just given up. I work at a coffee shop and am continually standing for hours at a time. I try to drink lots of water but I hate having to use the public restroom at work every five minutes. I just keep my feet up when I can and remind myself that cankles are temporary, and as long as my midwife isn't concerned, neither should I.
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I take alfalfa and danilion caps at the end to help with swelling.Has worked great with all three kiddos!
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I have this same problem lately. Drinking cranberry juice (100% with no sugar or anything) helps. I mix it with sparkling water and add a lime -really good. I also take bilberry extract and that helps with the swelling as well (and vericose veins and hemorrhoids).

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