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Baby dropping/waddling

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I think the baby has dropped as I am doing some serious waddling today. DD dropped about the same time as well, 33 weeks.

Any waddlers out there?
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Im definetly waddling, but I dont think the baby has dropped. My son never dropped until my water broke and I was in full active labor.

I know I should cherish these times, but I am so ready for this pregnancy to be OVER!
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YES!!!!! I was too nervous about it to start a post myself!I'm due at the VERY end of Nov. and feeling like this is too soon!8-10 weeks of this pressure down there is getting old FAST!I'm feeling slightly swollen and my little muscles on my legs there are not used to this extra workout!I still cannot imagine going into labor any time before Thanksgiving....Yeesh.....
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I am a total waddler. It is worse when the baby is head down, and then the pelvic pressure is awful, and as much as I want him/her to stay head down it's nice to have the break occasionally from the pressure. The waddling I think comes from how much the joints are loosening up. I hit 34 weeks tomorrow and the countdown is on :
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completely behind ya on this one! Today I all of a sudden realized that my boobs are not resting on the top of my stomach anymore. Also, if I stand up straight and look down, I cannot see my own toes.
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I am 33w as of today, and feeling the same for a few days....not fun, I am tellin' ya!
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I'm 35 weeks and definitely waddling, but I think a lot of that has to do with the hip/outer thigh/inner thigh pain. The SPD isn't so bad right now, and that's cause this babe hasn't dropped. I'd like babe to drop though. I am so ready to be done.
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She dropped sometime this week! It's not really helping the spd much, but surprisingly is doing great things for our "love" life! I guess some swelling is a good thing!
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I am 32 weeks and have been waddling for awhile now. I think I have a very weak pelvic floor.
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I am definitely waddling, but not because she has dropped. I think it is due to back pain and SPD. Although, the PT for the SPD did WONDERS. My PT told me to walk slowly and with small steps. I know that contributes to the waddling.
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I waddle due to extreme back/leg/pelvic pain.

I hate the waddling comments. It makes me want to kill.

I am not waddling due to the joys of motherhood A*&#^@*!
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