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I can"t breathe!!!!

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Anyone else having this problem. I litterally cannot stand for long periods of time, carry DS#1 for more then five minutes. Sometimes it doesnt matter how still I am, I CANT BREATHE!!! The only comfortable position is on my side on the couch. Every time I go to the doc, my BP is fine. So what the heck is wrong with me? Is it just my diaphram being crushed by the weight of my uterus?
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Yeah, I'm always feeling out of breath, too...even after doing nothing. I attribute it to gaining 30 pounds in a relatively short amount of time. My body's just not use to this extra weight, and it makes everything harder.
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Baby is pushing on my diapham and it hurts. Chiro told me a way to help though. Find your sternum and take a deep breath in and push down and exhale. Do in an semi-reclined position. He did it yesterday and the baby was kicking him back!
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I have the exact same problem with MY first son. He's pushing up on my diaphragm. My aunt also had the problem with her first son. Others have the same problem with their sons; I think it's a boy thing.
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