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afraid to DTD

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I'm a little embarrassed to admit that. I'm so afraid to DTD- either I'm really short or he's really long. There are times that I am sure he's bumping my cervix. And I'm just afriad that it might cause bleeding or upset things.

I know that sex is perfectly okay when your pregnant. My head knows this. My brain knows it's a scientific fact.

Anyone who can help me? DH doesn't seem to care one way or the other, but I am getting a little antsy to get back on the horse, so to speak.

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My cervix sits in a funny place when I'm pg, too. Bumping, getting in the way...I feel ya.

Different positions help make it more comfortable (you'll need to broaden your repoitoire if you're not already, um, broadened, in that sense by the time you're bloomin' pregnant!)...it's worth a try, though, because pregnancy orgasms are......worth it.
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I am afraid to have intercourse, but because I am scared of disturbing the cervix at all. I had a loss before, and while sex would not cause a miscarriage, it could cause bleeding which would just make me so paranoid. We are going to abstain for a while, but I agree with MrsTC pregnancy orgasms are awesome!

Until you get more comfortable with intercourse, musiclady, can still enjoy lots of other erotic/sexual play.
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I am always nervous about sex in the first trimester... not to mention that I am rather short in there and he is, um, on the longer side and it is just SO not enjoyable right now! Poor guy...
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I don't normally feel very sexy in the first trimester, not due to any fear really, but more because I feel internal, sensitive and my body is totally adjusting to the hormone changes etc. Tell your dh not to worry, because it all gets made up for in the second trimester!
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i'm nervous too...i just dont want to see spotting of any kind so i've made him wait until after our first sono (which is tomorrow) just to make sure everything is ok in there
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I'm not so much nervous as just bone weary. I don't have the energy for sex at all right now. But I'll be getting back into the swing of things as soon as I can. I love pregnancy orgasms too!
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I'll be honest, I avoid DTD entirely now once I'm pregnant. I know everyone says pregnancy orgasms are great and yeah, but I can feel them in my uterus (which is not usually the case), plus they're really really strong. I just get really paranoid about any cramping-type feelings around there, and I spot afterwards sometimes. It just makes me nervous, even though I know empirically that it should be OK. Right now, DH is suffering terrible back pain, so I don't think he's even noticed that I'm avoiding it.
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