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Moving to Monee

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We're taking the plunge and moving back to IL from AZ. We (2 yr. old son, fiance and myself) will be staying in Monee with my parents until the new year most likely. What's happening in the south suburbs for AP families (anyone out there?) We would love to move to the city eventually, but we will probably be in the south suburbs for a while until we get our bearings. Just looking for any hints on fun things to do with my little one..
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there are lots of really fun parks popping up all around. there is a really nice children's garden in elwood which is south of joliet. it's free and super fun. pack a lunch for a great day.

free zoos in aurora and wheaton.

if you go on chicago parent's website you can find lots of fun things.
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ooh, thanks. forgot about chicago parents, i'll check that out.
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