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Acidophilus question

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my son is on antibiotics right now for an ear infection. The antibiotics of course is giving him a horrible diaper rash because of the diarrhea. His Dr just wants to give another drug to take care of what they have diagnosed over the phone as a yeast infection. I have had it - I know that acifophilus is good for me if I were to get a yeast infection and I have read that giving it to children while on antibiotics is good. I am just wondering if you all feel safe giving this to children (he is 6months old) Are there any risks with taking this?
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The stuff is great for babys of all ages. They do make special kinds for babies. I give it to my kids. I would give it a shot. Also Calendula cream is good for the diaper rash.
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Our ND suggested we use it when our ds was on antibiotics at 8 mos. We sprinkled probiotics on his food 2x/day. Our son still LOVES to eat whole milk yogurt w/the live cultures every day. If he seems to have a stomach upset, we also give probiotics.

So, I'd recommend...go for it!

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If it does not do the trick, at least it won't do any harm. Make sure to get it from the fridge section of the store and keep it in the fridge at home, do not get capsules from the store shelves (not that you would for a child, but just a reminder).

However, DO NOT give it at the same meal with antibiotics because it may lower absorption. Same with yogurt. I would also consider lactic culture suppositories but I do not know if they are available in this country. If you get them, same thing, keep in the fridge.
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My ds and I are both taking acidophilus. He is 6 weeks old and we are trying to get rid of a thrush problem. I mix a powder and breastmilk for him and I take some pills for me. I found them in the health food store. His is for babies of all ages and pregnant or lactating mammas. Mine are dairy free pills.
I am breastfeeding and it doesnt seem to bother him that either of us take the stuff.
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I'd also like to suggest a pro-biotic. It's a mix of acidophilus and really helps the yeastie beastie during antibiotic treatement. My kids and I use it for at least 10 days after the Antibiotic treatement.

I would also like to recommend you only use a Pro-Biotic or Acidophilus that you purchase in the refridgerated section - otherwise, it's not as effective.

Acidophilus is found in yogert and is VERY safe for babies - check with your doctor if you're concerned though.
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