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Never have time anymore.....

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Mr J seems to be high needs and the kids keep waking him up. My dd2 broke the baby monitor so putting him upstairs doesnt work (I cant hear him until he is screaming and I DONT want to do that). I havent been able to post or anything but I havent forgotten you guys at all. Hope everyone is doing well.
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lol here too...my middle son likes to poke the baby to see his eyes
see mom he's awake. I totally forgot what NO SLEEP longer than 2/3 hours and almost never having your arms empty is like...

and I've done this three times before

But life is good.
I am in love with the baby totally pleased.
Libido is AWOL.
Waistline is a waste.
Baby has almost doubled birth weight - chubby guy is almost 13 pouds.
Advil works wonders for babywearing pains.
My middle son has brutally swollen tonsils and the doctor is talking surgery.
and the weather is getting colder...brrr....
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same here! today is the first time in weeks that I've been able to even check my email. I really miss the support here, but am glad we're doing well getting settled in with the baby.
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I just can't seem to find the time to exercise the way I want. I've been eating right (have no choice with a limited budget) but I want to do some serious exercising. had to accomplish as a single parent.
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I'm guilty of being too busy to post as well Elias is 2 months old - still so unreal to me. Enjoy those babies mamas!!!
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Nice to hear from you all! I haven't posted on here much lately either. Owen is doing great. Growing great, sleeping well. A real content little guy. I haven't found any time to exercise yet. I should really find time for that though.
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Still unable to find the time to exercise but if I have to stay up until midnight, I am going to lose this extra weight doggone it!
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This is the first time I've found to post and read anything online. Ive checked my email twice since the birth, and haven't had any time to email anyone in reply to their emails. Normally, I'm very involved in the political scene, and so far I've caught five minutes of the third presidental debate (missed the first two completely). I'm kind of glad for the distraction because I'd be pulling my hair out and stressing out about the election, as well as the state and local elections as well. I've had to say no to canvassing, phone banking, and all the other activities I've done in the past because I can hardly find two minutes to get a shower in, let alone go stumping for my candidates around the state or go to the various protests and rallies

I have really missed the support and wisdom I've found here, so I think I'm going to make a bigger effort to get online more often. Once I get back to work, I should be on here more often.
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me, too. between tandem nursing, trying to gently night wean my toddler, and everything, i'm still up until 1 or 2 am just trying to keep up with the events i organize, a bit of email, and maybe 20 minutes of sleep here and there (we're on day 5 of gently night-weaning) i've caved and hired a housekeeper to help out every other week. i don't know how we'll stretch to afford it, but it's better than living in filth. i'll be up well past midnight just getting stuff put away enough to make it worthwhile for her to clean tomorrow. thank goodness both of my boys are laid back and easy kids or i'd really be up the creek.

but, when i look down at my two nurslings holding hands and popping off to share smiles, it makes me weep for joy and love. my toddler is as head over heels for his brother as i am. and my newborn must be too because he smiles huge smiles whenever he hears his brother's voice. aw man, i'm tearing up again. i'm so hormonal. i'm thinking i'll bag the picking up and go get in bed to snuggle with all three of my men...
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