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How Much Do You Pay for Heat

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Hi Ladies!

My husband and I have been renting for about a year and a half, and may be interested in buying a house. The house is two levels with a basement, with wood and propane heat.

Problem is: I can't remember how much we used to pay for heat in the winter. And we live in northern Michigan, where it gets COLD.

Could anyone in northern climates let me know how much you generally pay for heat in the winter? And for those of you who use wood, do you find that it does help cut cost?

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Oil heat, rural NH, big old farmhouse, drafty windows. $800-900 per month during the snow months.

This year prices skyrocketed. We locked in a price and budgeted it over the year, we're paying $500/mo year round.

Electric is about $100-150 per month year round. The northeast sucks for energy costs.
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We live in an older home in the country, ohio, and pay for heating oil.... $750+ a fill, about 5 fills a winter!
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It depends how much wood and how much propane. I live in the mountains of Virginia. Not quite as cold and snowy as MI, but we need heat from Oct/November through March.

We have a wood furnace but we only have to run it every other day. But, by the evening of the off day, it would get chilly and we would use the propane. We did go through a lot of propane and have decided that we will run the wood furnace more often.

We spent over $400 in propane but nothing in wood as we had some trees removed, so we burned those.

This year, we just bought 2 cord of wood for $300 and that should do us fine. The wood guy did offer all the free wood we could burn for hunting rights on our property.
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We pay about 75 month, but we have natural gas.
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The price of firewood has gone way up where I live (northern New England) and it was in high demand when I started freaking out about it in June/July...my DH got hooked up with an arborist who sold us 2.25 cords of cut-not-split hardwood for $225. We had to rent the splitter which was around $50 for 24 hours, so $275 and some labor...but it was fun and well worth it since cords of kiln-dried wood were going for $360/delivered. We're waiting on it to dry out so we can burn it safely, but in the meantime we have untreated, $free pallets to burn, and other scrap donations from friends and family. Our main source will be wood, we'll supplement with electric heaters, which isn't all that cheap, but the electric company bills are easier to deal with than the oil company bills (for me.)
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We are in MN where the weather is similar. We have natural gas so it's not as expensive as propane. Our highest bill in the past 5 years is $180ish.
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We have oil and based on our estimates from the oil company this year, it can cost up to $1600 per month. Our house is two levels, 1700 square feet. It will cost over $800 each time we fill our tank. Experience in the house we rented last winter tells me that amount definitely lasts two weeks. We can stretch it out for up to a month depending on how cold it is and how low we are keeping the heat.
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I think it averages about $600 a month
New England/old house/old electric baseboard heat
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