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I had a three month paid maternity leave and a very supportive workplace. Everyone was fantastic during my pregnancy and totally left me alone while I was on leave. Before DS came, I planned on going back to work after my maternity leave. I was in a very competitive field and had an excellent, fun job with great pay.

However, because DS arrived 7 weeks early, by the time I got through my maternity leave it was impossible to leave him with anyone because he was so tiny and still in rather poor health.

My employer was so wonderful- they even extended my maternity leave another two weeks, just in case I could get things together enough to go back to work, and then even offered a better work schedule. On the day I was supposed to return to work, I called my boss and quit my job. I decided to file for unemployment and -get this- my employer didn't even blink an eye and allowed me to take unemployment.

This is a very rare example of how excellent employers can be. I think a lot of it was because they really understood that I couldn't work and take care of a preemie (I brought DS to work when he was 8 weeks old and they were able to see for themselves how tiny he was), and they wanted to do everything they could to help us start off on the right foot. I remained in constant contact with them throughout my maternity leave, so they were very much aware of what was happening which helped them to prepare for my departure.

Like I said, this is a very rare case with unique circumstances. If I had just decided not to return after my maternity leave, and there was nothing wrong with DS, I'm positive it would have been a much different story.
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I personally plan on quitting my job as well, though I am not sure if I will return first and then quit or just quite. Mainly because I have been treated unfairly and badly at the job. I just cant bear to have the joy of having a newborn baby and the stress of returning to my dreadful workplace. I dont feel as though you "owe" it to your job to give them a notice if your not really sure. Companies lay people off all the time and do things like pay a newcomer more than they pay an employee who has been loyal to them for years. Does anyone ever call them out no and there reason is usually because there doing "what's best for the company." You should quit according to what YOUR needs are, if you know that you will need the job as a recommendation because you have put in alot of time and hard work then come back for 30-90days and then quit. You no longer need the job then dont come back (just as if they no longer need you they would fire you or "lay you off"). Its 2008 people do what they want to do when they want to do IMO do what suits YOU and YOUR FAMILY because 9 out of 10 the president of your company would DO WHATS BEST FOR HIS/HERS AND THEIR FAMILY!
Thank you ! I agree, especially if you are being treated unfairly.
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