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I posted in December of last year about my 8 y.o. GSD's infected feet. She's still having this problem despite constant treatment since then.

Originally, I took her to our regular vet, who put her on antibiotics for several weeks, which did next to nothing. After that vet kind of shrugged her shoulders and had no advice other than soaking her feet. That wasn't acceptable to me, so I found a holistic vet an hour away, and have been taking her there monthly since then. We've had some success...she also had lesions on other parts of her body, and her coat was not good...these issues seem to have improved. We have tried two different herbal blends, as well as a couple of different homeopathics, and a low dosage of prednisone (not all at once, mind you). Her feet have improved somewhat, but she still has the blisters on three of her feet. I'm almost ready to give up. It's been almost a year, and every vet visit has cost nearly $200. Not to mention the gas to get there and back. I can't keep this up! I guess I'm hoping someone has BTDT and has a suggestion for something I can do at home.

She is raw fed, and has been for two years. The vet thought maybe it was a sensitivity to chicken or beef, but she's been on either deer or elk since last January. So, in addition to the meat, she gets a blend of homemade veggies (mixed in with either yogurt or egg), salt, salmon oil, and occasionally a side of bison offals. All as per the vet's recommendations. And she gets an alfalfa supplement which helps her to not pee her bed at night. I'll take any ideas. And thank you.

Oh yah...she has acupuncture at her vet appts. too.