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How old was your baby when u started cloth diapering? - Page 3

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At birth.
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about 5 or 6 weeks I think. I had to use up all the sposies i got at showers! As far as the poop it wasn't a big deal to remove the diaper and throw it in the diaper pale after doing nothing with it. I'd rather deal with newborn and small baby poop then toddler poop!
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DS only wore a few disposables at the hospital before Dh started putting the cloth on him...DD has only worn cloth :
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10 mins old. DS has never worn a disposable. When he was a newborn we would go through about 10-12 prefolds a day.
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DD1: 4 or 5 days old, once we finished up the one package of newborn sized disposable diapers I'd bought. By then she was also done with meconium and her cord stump had fallen off. At the time I had a small washing machine in my kitchen and my Mom had come to help out, so she was the one washing most of the diapers in the early weeks.

DD2: about 5mo, when things were calming down after moving while pg and caring for a toddler. By then both girls were wearing size 3 disposables and I only needed to purchase one size of covers (plus I needed extra diapers to supplement what I'd used when diapering only one.)

DS: 20mo
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we kept him undiapered completely for the first two days...just put various cloths under him. we had the fire going the whole time, so it was warm enough for him to be naked.

after that we used prefolds. never felt a need to use disposables. the idea of cotton next to my babe's skin felt much better than the various plastics in disposables!

i don't really understand the "hassle" of using cloth in the early days? seems simple to me. and we didn't have a washing machine back then!
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Dd was about 2 hours old when we started cloth diapering. I don't get why the amount of poop makes a difference--you're changing a diaper either way and cloth will save you a lot of money since you re-use them.
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I was gifted a dozen BG 2.0s (this was before the 3.0s) before DS was born, but was too afraid to try them until he was about 2 months old. Used them part time (used sposies when out and at night) until he was about 4 months and he got a bad rash (didn't know about stripping) and the top part of the dipe started to wick really bad every time I put one on him (2.0s don't have the insert stopper like the 3.0s do).

I gave up for several months, then found this lovely forum and was inspired to try again. Decided to go more old-fashioned and bought some GMD prefolds and flats. Used them EXCLUSIVELY (no sposies EVER) from the time DS was about 7 months old until my morning sickness kicked in with #2. I couldn't even look at poop without throwing up and the sight of my cloth made me gag....soooo....gave it up again for a couple months.

Back at it again for the past couple weeks (except at nights...haven't gotten around to re-lanolizing my wool covers) and going to attempt to make my own fitteds as soon as my order for materials arrives. Plan to make fitteds for #2 and use cloth as exclusively as possible from the time she gets home from the hospital. Looking back, cloth really has been so easy. Once I got into it, I regretted waiting so long.
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right away!

I found the constant newborn pooping an even better reason to USE cloth over disposables. It seemed like such a waste to use a disposable at the beginning because they poop all of the time. I have used prefolds on all 4 of my kids so we had several dozen diapers available for the newborn phase. I still only did laundry every other day...just needed a bigger diaper pail for two or 3 dozen diapers!
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I contemplated it before ds was born, but dh was NOT going for it. I finally got a few pockets when ds was 9 months old, and have been mostly cloth since. I'm dying to do cloth-only with ds2 when he comes along!!
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With DD, we used a service, so we just waited until her umbilical cord stump fell off - around 1 week.

With DS, we used sposies until he was about 9 months I was still using the service with DD, which was only prefolds and couldn't fathom the thought of having to hand wash poopy covers several times a day. At 9 months our lives calmed down a bit and I bought a stash of fitted diapers and haven't looked back.

We now use only cloth - night time, outings, trips, everything! Love it!
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We cloth diapered from the very start, from about 2 hours old. My midwife did the first diaper job on my bed.

I had 24 prefolds and 6 covers and it was just right; it was enough for 2 days. Changed about every 2-3 hours (not at night).

We still have the same schedule and an equally-sized stash at 10 months but don't wash as often because baby doesn't pee in the diaper while I'm putting it on, or pee on the diaper I lay her on when I'm changing her. There was a lot of random peeing early on and half the wet diapers were never actually ON the baby!
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Straight away here too.

I used traditional flats with bummi/proraps all the way through. I had 2.5 doz, so more than enough. I found my ds pooped while feeding though, so just changed him after a feed and then again before going down for a sleep. I washed every day to keep on top of them, but being flats and wraps they dried really quickly so no hassle really.
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