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I want one too. A really "meaty" dark beer. And I'm gonna have one, one of these days.

I had some wine recently, and it tasted AWESOME. I had a total of maybe half a glass (the way you're supposed to pour a glass, not full-to-the-brim), and I felt like it knocked me loopy -- but WOW it was good.
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Oh how I love this thread! The non-alcoholic brew just isn't cutting it and I have been dying for even a taste of regular beer.
You guys have convinced me not to feel guilty if I take a sip off of dh's beer-
Thank you!
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I normally hate beer and also have loved taking a few sips from the glass of the bf a few times...I wasn't showing at the time though so I might not do it in public anymore, but I did go out and buy some sharp's which might not be as good as odouls...and it wasn't as good as a miller lite, but it worked. I used to love wine and now I am not even craving it, but am also craving some mixed drinks. More cravings for alcohol for me in the first trimester than the second, but I figure a few sips won't hurt anything.
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From 18 to 22 weeks I desperately craved a Guinness which I have tasted once ever and did not like.

It was all I thought about but my husband forbade me

It passed.
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Ewww... I have NO cravings for beer, but then I never have been much of a beer drinker. Except I do like the oatmeal stout from a local microbrewery.
BUT, I love red wine (and champagne and dessert wines)! I've had a half to a full glass with dinner on probably 6 occasions since 14 weeks. I definitely subscribe to the European point of view on this! To each her own, but I prefer to occasionally indulge in delicious things like wine, raw cheese, chocolate, cupcakes, etc. It makes me happy and relaxed, which is good for the baby!
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The beer cravings are always something which kick up for me during pregnancy. I'm not sure if its because I feel more conscientious about having a beer when I want to or what.

I agree that pumpkin ale sounds yummy, but over the summer I indulged in a bit of wheat, lemon beer. It was sooooooo good. Now with winter I want something a bit more hearty, and I'm totally considering bringing a Guinness (which I love!) to enjoy after delivery. YUM.
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