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need new night time dipe.

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we currently use medium fuzzibunz for nighttime with 3 inserts, two microfiber and one hemp. We need a new nighttime dipe. The fb just don't fit well with all those inserts. In order to avoid gaps at the leg, we have to snap waaayyy too tight at the waist and then they still have to be just perfect. We've lived with it like this for months and ds still isn't fitting any better in them. Any ideas on a super absorbant night dipe that fits skinner legs well and still washes and drys well?
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I use a stacinator double fleece. Legs and waist can adjust a variety of ways and I can fit all of the stuffing I need inside.
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I agree. If you're needing that much stuffing you may want to consider going with a fitted, a doubler and a nice fleece cover.
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I like Bamboozle, Dream-Eze and Goodmama fitteds for nighttime.

Happy shopping!
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here's what we use for nighttime

This has proven to be a fail-proof method for us. We've used it every night on my dd for the last year. A hemp flat diaper with a hemp diaper liner inside....all of this under an Aristocrats wool cover. We have not had a leak once. DD sleeps 12 hours straight through.

I love this setup! I really wish I would have known about this with my first 3 kids.
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I've changed it up the past few nights with mixed results, but how do I get a stay dry feel against ds skin? I thought the microfiber would be stay dry, but noooooo. it was icky. we go 12hours just fine with the old setup, just the fb is binding at the waist. I tried a thirsties cover, infant prefold, hemp insert, and a micro fiber insert (it felt different from my other ones, more fleecy) and this set up leaked. the night before I did the same thing except a real micro fiber insert. No leaks, good fit, but wet against babe's skin.
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how about keeping what you have and putting a wool pull on cover over it. something with a stretchy rolled leg perhaps? that way you dont need to snap the fb so tightly and the wool will contain anything that slips out. something like this. (its even double knitted)

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