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I think my 4yo was sexually abused UPDATE - Page 9

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Mamas, I've never shared this with anyone but after reading this felt the need. I know if my heart that this is at the root of why I am so terrified of something happening to my dd. It's not only boys you have to be concerned about. Looking back on it from the perspective of an adult, I still don't know what to call it. But I still feel guilty so I think it probably qualifies as sexual abuse. There was a little girl probably three years older than me that lived down the road from us. Our parents were friends, sort of, but she alwasy wanted to play naked games. I remember at least on incident at my house and one at hers. She wanted me to put things in (what I now know was) her vagina. I felt very guilty. They moved when I was probably 6 or 7 so this was probaby all before I was 5. I now think she was being molested and that was her acting out.

Watch the girls too!

To the OP, your family is in my thoughts.
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Has social services been called? In situations like this in my state, an investigation would be completed ASAP and luckily in cases like these there doesn't have to be criminal charges in order for something to happen. DSS has so many child-centered specialists who can accurately and professionally intereview children - which can usually unravel so much more info than a regular police investigator. Even if this man is NOT charged criminally, DSS can still step in and accurately assess whether his children are safe or not. MANY times - DSS interviews help "seal" the case for police.

There was a case near this area several years back that the police could get nowhere with the child and he was not responding to the investigator. IT wasn't until DSS stepped in a started assisting that the little boy opened up and ended up leading authorities to his "secret room" where there were TONS of pictures, videos, etc. and enough to put this man away for a long time. At this point - the Commonwealth atty. had already decided not to try the case because there was not enough evidence- in this case, thank goodness for DSS.

BTW- I have worked with many children who have been sexually abused- and many of these children who have received proper care from their parents and couseling if needed, go on to live lives free of any long term effects from the abuse. From everything ou have said it sounds like your little one is coping very well - and I can tell you are doing a great job throuout this situation.
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this is the first time I saw this thread. I am so sorry you are going through this. I send you hugs. I can't speak about actions to take but hugs is what I do know...

hugs to your whole family.

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