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I think my 4yo was sexually abused UPDATE - Page 4

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I have no advice but just wanted to give some hugs and may you see a healing resolution to this.

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I couldn't read and not comment.

I'm so glad you have an open dialogue with your dd and that you are taking steps to make this better for her.

I was molested at 4 by a cousin. I didn't know that's what it was until I was 9 and there was a talk at the school. By that time I was already confused because the cousin had told me that molestation was a proper form of play. It left me quite confused and traumatized. I think that till this day I still have major trust issues with people in regards to my kids from that one incident.
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I haven't been able to read through all the posts, but I wanted to give you some information. I apologize if this has already been posted.

I used to run a program whose goal was to limit the number of interviews a child had when they were sexually abused while maximizing the potential for successful prosecution. These programs are called Child Advocacy Centers and there are many located throughout the country. I noticed your location was Baltimore and I found a link to a CAC in your area.


I highly recommend that you call. They will very likely see you and your daughter right away and they will do everything within their power to minimize any further trauma to your child. The biggest factor in whether or not a child has lasting trauma from sexual abuse is how the abuse is dealt with afterward, by both family and the community. The CAC can give you all the resources you need to help your daughter.

You are in my thoughts . . .
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Popping in here kinda late, but we had the safety conversations with dd on a weekly basis... one dad at the age of four she came out and asked if we would be mad at her if she told us something.... she then went on to tell us that an older cousin had been making her play the "coochie game" with him. Basically we did not ask, we let her tell us everything, and yes he had been molesting her, for god knows how long. she still remembers and I am ever so grateful she told us the truth, even at four, it could have gotten alot worse.
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Mama, Mama. I couldn't read this without sending all of you a huge . I am so glad you found out . . .the healing can begin.
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OMG. I'm so sorry for you and your family.
Here we have something called Childrens Cove and I think that would be the place to contact if I were ever in your shoes.

maybe you could contact them and see what resources are available closer to you?
I wouldn't talk to her anymore about it and let a professional deal with it. If it did happen and you'd like to go for a conviction, the more you talk to her yourself, the more it looks like leading.
Good luck
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I am so sorry. You are dealing with this so well.
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After speaking with a friend of a friend of a friend that is a social worker, we worked out a plan of action. We tried to call the CAC directly, but they said they only dealt with caregiver abuse and that we had to call the police first. So, I called the police and they dispatched a non-emergency officer. We filed the report, and the next day a detective from the CAC called. On Wed. we set up an interview at the CAC. A social worker interviewed her and the detective was on the other side of the one way mirror. The interview was also recorded. I was hesitant to have her interviewed without me present, but it was fine and she did great. She cried a bit at first, so the social worker put a chair in the back for me while they got acquainted. Once bella had come out of her shell, the social worker asked if I could go, and I said I needed to go potty and would be back in a few minutes. We did a high five and a kiss and out I went. I had told her this was an appointment to make sure she knew everything a four year old should know, and that the SW was a friend of Miss Jen (old hcp). She was such a trooper. She divulged some more details, like that the mom (j) had walked in on them once. He called her an evil little girl and repeatedly said he would kill her. The detective and SW said that her statement was extremely credible, and that kids often confuse the number of times, where and when it happened, but WHO and WHAT are almost always accurate. They spoke with me afterwards and let me know that they would be calling their whole family in for separate interviews. From there, it may go to trial or not depending on him. They asked me what we would seek in terms of sentencing, and we said at the very least for him to be registered as a sex offender so that he can't teach or have access to other children. So, now we wait. In the mean time, we start counseling. I think we are going to have to move, because she is not sleeping at all at our home, and is terrified to be there at all. We've been leaving at 7am and staying out until 10pm. We decided to take a weekend at the beach to see if it would reset her. We got here last night, and she slept like a rock. She has told us that she doesn't ever want to go back to our old house, so we'll approach that when we get home.e I was really hoping we'd go to the interview and they would say, oh she said that because of xyz, it didn't really happen to her. But here we are.
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oh mama have just read your update what's happened to your daughter is every parents nightmare. You have handled it so well and I'm sure that and the help you intend to get your daughter will minimise the harm as much as is possible. I for one certainly hope the abuser gets more than just his name on the sex-offenders list. I am holding you and your family in my heart and thoughts.

Zoe, mama to Thomas 1/06
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hugs mama im so sorry, and your precious little one is such a trooper.
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Originally Posted by mysticmomma View Post
I have prayed she would be above this, that I would be able to save her from this.
mama, she IS above this. and mama, YOU are above this.
you are saving her.
you are a hero, mama, and my heart is bursting with love that you are championing the cause of your daughter's glorious innocence. you are proving to her that she is truly, wholly, valuable and that she will always be above and is no longer in, that terrible moment.
i tearfully commend you.

and i'm so so sorry that this happened.
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you have my utmost respect. i can't imagine this being handled better.
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You're an amazing, wonderful mom! I know this must be incredibly difficult for you.
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It really breaks my heart that you little girl had to go through this. I'm so happy that you didn't let this go. IMO this guy and his wife should do some jail time.
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Oh Mama I'm sorry You've gotten some wonderful advice and I'm so glad you're working with professionals.

I just wanted to mention one thing. I'm a social worker, former family therapist, and one thing I saw time and time again is that the children who had the best outcomes are the children's who's perception of the event hasn't been heightened by hysterical parents do so much better.

I don't feeling like I'm saying it the way I want but, what I mean is that those children whose parents make a huge deal out of it tend to have much more stress and anxiety about the issue. Parents who cling, cry, freak out etc... send children the message that something is seriously wrong and it causes them to have a much more intense emotional response to the event.

Parents who say calm (as you did) and stay matter of fact, stay open and willing to talk but don't push, overly question, get overly emotional, assign a whole host of negative emotions and reactions to the situation tend to have children who come out of situations like this much more adjusted than children who not only have the event but also have to deal with the adult emotions surrounding the event.

I'm proud of you mama!
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you're an amazing mama. keep doing everything you can to let her know she's loved, she's beautiful. she's safe.

anything else i want to say would be a huge uav. i hope your search for justice is fruitful.
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You're an amazing mother
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I'm so sorry. It sounds like you're doing everything right.
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Your family is in my thoughts. Thank you for taking your daughter seriously.
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I`m so, so deeply sorry for your daughter.

You sound like an amazing, loving mama. I am in awe over the way you have handled this. She is truly blessed to have you. Stay strong. I will pray for you all.
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