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Help, I think dd was molested

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Any good rec's of who to contact for this?
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http://www.rainn.org/ - Rape, Abuse, Insest National Network

They have a free online hotline and it's confidential
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If you are in the Baltimore area, try contacting TurnAround, Inc. They are the local sexual abuse and domestic violence center and have offices in both the county and the city. They are excellent with both adults and children and offer a sliding scale fee. Visit www.turnaroundinc.org to learn more or find the number for the office closest to you.

You may also want to contact the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual ASsault (www.mcasa.org).

Otherwise, please PM me - I work for a very similar org and can find info for you if you need it.

Best of luck to you mama.
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Definitely start with TurnAround. Both RAINN and MCASA will refer you there. (I was an employee at MCASA until my daughter was born in July, and I can tell you we always refer callers to local crisis centers.)

TurnAround will also have a comprehensive list of other local resources, in case your family needs services in addition to/beyond what they provide.

I will keep you in my thoughts...best wishes to you and your family.
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