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Visiting Clemson SC

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I am going to visit my grandparents for a week in Clemson. Are there any natural food stores near by? Or any mainstream groceries with large natural sections? DS only eats organic foods and I would love to find something there instead of packing food for a week. Thanks!
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Hey there! I went to HS in Clemson, and I know the area pretty well.
The best(est) closest grocery store that I know of is Earthfare in Greenville SC, which is 45 minutes away. Now, there could be some good natural stores in Anderson SC, which is closer, and I would check the phone book to make sure, but I doubt it.
Clemson is always growing, so if there is a new one that I'm not aware of, it would be right there on that Tiger Blvd stretch.

The BiLO is nice in Clemson also, and I'm sure they would have some organic foods. That is probably the easiest solution.
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Thanks! I will try BiLo. I also saw that there is a Whole Foods in Greenville. Maybe I will just go there on the way in.
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