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Its a girl - Katie Sue - *UPDATE* birth story

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Katie Sue was born yesterday 10/4/08 at 8:38pm

7lbs 14oz 20 1/4"long

I will update with details and birth story tomorrow but it went really well and we're both doing good.

Well so much for doing my birth story the next day! I feel like I've been doing a million things and just didn't quite get to it. But I really wanted to write it down before I forgot anything major. I know this got pretty long, but Its the version I'm keeping for myself and I wanted to remember the details.

On friday it was my mom's birthday so we drove about 2 hours away to a museum she had been wanting to go to and did a tour, so we walked the whole day, then got supper and drove the two hours home. I had a feeling all day friday that it would be pretty soon.

Saturday morning when I woke up I had kind of a "yup today or tomorrow for sure" feeling. I had the "bloody show" at about 3am. I started having kinda uncomfortable pains like I was going to get my period, and even though I REALLY didn't think thats what contractions would feel like I started paying attention and they were EXACTLY 5 minutes apart.

I called my midwife at 10 am and said that I thought I might be in early labor, and I would let her know if it picked up or was a false alarm. She said she would keep her pager on for sure.

My mom came over (like she was planning to do that day anyways) to help me do some more cleaning and by 11 am or so she was saying "yup, your in labor" I still wasn't convinced but we went about cleaning and the discomfort was consistently 5 mins apart between 15-45sec long.

DP was doing yard work and kept coming inside every so often to check on me. At about 1pm I told him I was pretty sure that this was the real thing and that maybe he should call the midwife just to let her know it would be today for sure, but that she didn't need to come yet. He said he didn't want to call and bother her unless he could say exactly how far apart and how long the contx were.

He went out to my car and got his bradley book, lol. He said that we shouldn't call her untill the contx were 2mins apart and a certain # of seconds long (can't remember right now - but longer then mine were by quite a bit) He asked how far apart they were and I told him I was having trouble keeping track how long they were and if he wanted to know he was going to have to pay attention and write it down.

I love DP to pieces, but he is quite ADD. He just couldn't manage to sit still and wait through 3-4 contractions and write down all the times. On top of that I couldn't tell when a contraction was starting and stopping, I could only tell him when it hurt the worst. So all the data we could manage to compile between the two of us was that the contractions were still 4-5mins apart and we really didn't know how long.

He really didn't want to call the midwives without having all of his numbers, and they weren't even close to 2 mins, so he kept saying we should wait. I was ok with that.

About 4pm I got to a point where I really thought it was about time to call. My mom agreed, and we kind of told him to do it even though they weren't close enough and he didn't really want to quite yet. He knew I didn't want them to come too early so he was trying to honor my wishes, but the contractions were getting a lot STRONGER even if they weren't getting any closer together. He called at 4:20. I THOUGHT he was off the phone with her and let out quite a yell during a contraction, I later found out she was still on the line and that is why she came right away.

This whole time I had been pacing back and forth across my house. I couldn't sit down to save my life. I went to the bathroom and threw up at about 4:45.

At about 4:50 the contractions started changing. Everyone said that when I needed to push I would KNOW. Well like everything else in this pregnancy it just wasn't what I expected, but I started pushing with them. DP asked me if I was pushing and I said "I really don't know. Maybe" My water broke with QUITE the splash (and yes, I could defiantly feel a distinct *POP*) at 5pm during the height of a contraction, standing up, and got my carpet all wet.

The fluid was clear so I was really happy about that even at the time. The midwife got there at 5:20 on the nose. She said it sounded like I was pushing and asked if I wanted to be checked. I told her I was really scared she was going to tell me I was still like 3cm and I would be so discouraged.

She did the exam though and she said I was defiantly 10cm and to keep pushing during contx. I was SO glad I was 10. The second midwife came about 15mins later.

I pushed and pushed and pushed. After awhile I got into a routine that seemed to work. Between contractions I would go onto all fours and sometimes put my head close to the floor then when I felt a contraction coming on I rolled up onto my knees and into a squat and pushed in the squat, then back to my knees between. I tried some other things too but that was the only thing that seemed to make a lot of progress. When I got really tired I pushed on all fours because it hurt less and took less out of me, but it wasn't getting much done either. at about 7:30 I was exausted. The pain was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I was physically really tired and feeling myself slowing down. My contractions were spacing out and getting less strong.

We had established that she was posterior and not getting past my pubic bone and that I just needed to keep changing position and working at it. The midwife tried to help me but to do that I had to lay down on my back and that was the only pain that was more then I was willing to work through.

They gave me some lemonade (my fav) to bring my energy back. I drank the better part of 2quarts. I had only eaten a cheese sandwich early in the day, and threw it up, and I hadn’t been drinking as much water as I should have been, So I was running on E.

After the lemonade I was on all fours and all of a sudden laid my head down on the floor with my butt still up in the air and fell asleep for 4-5mins with my face on the carpet. I barely remember someone asking me if I wanted a pillow. I must have just skipped like 2 full contractions. (BTW, they NEVER got any closer then 4-5 mins apart, and during pushing spaced out to 5-7mins apart, when I got really tired even further apart.)

When I woke up I started pushing again and felt some more energy. About 2 contractions later I could feel a little bit of burning, which wasn't bad and I was really thrilled about. The next contraction it burned a little more. I expected the burning to be REALLY bad so I thought it was just starting. I told myself "two more good contractions." I don't know why I picked two, I honestly thought it was going to take quite a bit more then that but I was just willing myself to get through two more. The very next contraction I pushed as hard as I could expecting the burning to get really intense - but it didn't. Out came the head and body all at once with a splash. The baby started crying right away and I was just so happy and relieved that she was out and crying.

I was still squatting so I kind of plopped down onto my butt and they gave her to me. We still didn't know if it was a boy or a girl at this point and my mom was all anxious to find out. I was just glad to be holding her and at that point really did not care the sex. After a few minutes I looked and declared that she was a girl. (I didn't have any plans for who's job this was and I'm guessing the midwife saw first, but I said it, which is cool) I started counting fingers and toes. The pain was pretty much all gone right away, and I don't think it was just because I was so happy, it really didn't hurt much after that.

She came at 8:38pm

I asked if I should offer her my breast, which I did, and she latched on like a pro.

You could definatly see why pushing took so much. She had a HUGE purple bruise on the front of her head. It looked like a baby who had been pulled out with the vaccume. She still has a big bruise but all the swelling went down remarkably fast.

The placenta came easily with no help about 10 minutes later. The midwives had just started saying something about it and I said "well if I feel a little pushy again is that ok? she said "go ahead thats good" and with one little push It plopped out (painlessly) We waited a little bit longer untill the cord stopped pulsing and DP cut it.

They told me I had a tear that I probably wanted stitches for, but It wasn't that bad and not bleeding too much. They waited a little while so I could hold her for awhile first, then they numbed me up and did the stitches while my mom held the baby and it wasn't too bad. The tear wasn't as bad as they thought it was and debated on weather to call it a 1st or 2nd degree on my records. They decided to call it a 2nd but said it barely qualified.

The midwives left at about 11:30 and we had something to eat (turkey sub and mountain dew -as planned) and I took a shower. My mom left at about midnight and I let her nurse for awhile. I laid her down about 1am in the cradle. I tried to wake her up twice to nurse during the night but she really wasnt interested and slept through 5am or so. After that I woke up and kind of marveled at her for a bit.

So all in all about 12 1/2 hours of labor. 5 hours that were pretty intense, and almost 4 1/2 of those were pushing.

Both DP & my mom were great and I couldn't have asked for better support. The midwives were awesome too. I'm so pleased with the whole experience & proud of myself and just thankful that it went so well and we have such a beautiful healthy baby.
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awww congrats!! welcome to the world Katie Sue!!
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CONGRATUALTIONS mama ... looking forward to your birth story (I LOVE birth stories).

Cute name for you little one
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: Congrats! Welcome to Katie Sue. Looking forward to more details (and p ics?) when you're ready.
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Congrats and welcome baby!
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Congratulations and welcome to Katie!!! Enjoy your little lady (we're having a rush of girls being born!)
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Congratulations!!!! :
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Katie!!! Congratulations.
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YAY! : Congrats! Welcome to the world Katie Sue! :
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Welcome, Katie Sue!
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Congrats! Welcome little Katie Sue! I would love to read your birth story!
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Congratulations mama! :
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Congrats mama...and happy babymoon!!:

Welcome to the world sweet baby Katie!!
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Congrats!!! Can't wait to read your birthstory!! Enjoy your babymooon!
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Can't wait for the details...congratulations and welcome Katie Sue!
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Woo hoo! Congrats, mama! Welcome Katie Sue. I can hardly wait for pictures and a birth story....when you feel up to it of course. Glad to hear it all went well.
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Congrats Momma! Enjoy your babymoon! :
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Congratulations! Can't wait to read your birth story! :
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Aw, congrats! : Welcome to the world, little one!
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