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ISO ob/gyn recommendations in Delaware

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We live in New Castle County, Delaware. If you have any positives or negatives about any practices nearby, I'd be so grateful to know them! I'm open to going to either Kent or Christiana hospital.

Are there any midwife practices around here that deliver at hospitals? I don't think I qualify for The Birth Center.

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What makes you think you don't qualify for The Birth Center? You might want to call them to find out. 302-658-2229. If you truly don't qualify (I didn't because of a ruptured brain anuerysm), Dr. Michael Cooksey is TBC OB consultant. I found him to be compassionate and willing to listen to me. His number is 302-477-1375.

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I can't write much because I am at work. I second Dr. Cooksey if you must go the OB/GYN route - he is willing to listen. He was the only one I found in NCC that would "let" me go to 42 weeks with my VBAC. He is supposedly getting VBAC-shy, but I didn't find out for myself because my water broke and nothing happenend - again (this time at 39 weeks instead of 41 - so a second c-section for me). I actually had a doula that is studying to be a midwife - she has even had another client from MDC, and she even said if I had gone with her midwifery instead, I would've had to go to the hospital because my water was broken for too long, so in the end, I'm glad I went with him, since I had to go to the hospital, anyway, but I did "fib" a little about when my water broke - so don't tell him (haha). If you have issues with your water breaking and nothing happening, then I wouldn't go with him because he was getting antsy about infection - he would've had a heart attack if he had know how long it really was broken. At the same time, yes, he was pressuring me, but I also get a strong feeling I could've pushed back, and he would've been nervous, but would've respected my wishes (I didn't push back because even I was getting nervous since it was broken for a while and nothing was happening (after nipple stim. and castor oil)). You might want to look at the midwiferies in the area, but I am pretty sure he is the best OB you are going to find in all of NCC. Sorry this is a bit disjointed and might not make much sense since I am trying to hurry. If you have any other questions, I will try to get on my home computer tonight or tomorrow.
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No personal experience, but I have a friend who really liked Dr. Cooksey -- apparently he's very kind, and he was supportive of natural birth.
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Thanks so much for the helpful responses, ladies!

I may give TBC a call. I'm not certain I won't qualify, you're right. I was induced with my ds2 and dd because I developed high blood pressure, though I was full-term with both, 40weeks and 38 weeks. I don't know if a midwife or TBC would have taken a less aggressive approach? I definitely would not feel comfortable waiting/not inducing once my blood pressure was so high, at least not when I was full term--I want that baby out and safe. Does TBC do inductions?

ETA: I was a patient at The Midwifery in Doylestown, PA for a little while with my last pregnancy before I was switched to an OB for additional monitoring, since my insurance wouldn't cover going to both. Unfortunately, we moved out of the area since then. I'd love to find something like that--it met my comfort level for birthing and my need for a warm, friendly environment for prenatal care.
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Does TBC do inductions?
They transfer to Dr Cooksey at Christiana for inductions. hth
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