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Before I even start, I have to tell you that I saw the word water after I wrote it, and I had to look it up to make sure I was spelling it right. With my first pregnancy I adamantly denied the effect of pregnancy on the brain, but now I am embracing it. I cannot even remember how to spell water.

Does anyone else feel like they just cannot get enough fluids? I do not feel thirsty, drinking tons of water (at least a gallon) and cranberry juice (around 6 cups) a day, and still I have signs I am not getting enough to drink. My hands and lips are dry. Also, I am not peeing nearly as much as I am taking in, and sometimes I will have urethra discomfort. I cannot imagine drinking anymore. Anyone else?
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I can't get enough orange juice. And I do have dry lips and hands-- I had chalked it up to the changing autumn weather, but I suppose pregnancy could play a role as well.
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I am right there with you... I try and drink as much as possible but I don't think I am drinking enough!! No overt signs of dehydration but I just don't feel like I am getting enough fluids, even though I can't imagine how I would drink anymore!
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I am drinking _way_ more than pre-pregnancy, and I am definitely still more thirsty. I drink a huge cup of water right before bed, and last night I sent my DH down in the middle of the night to get me another. And I was THIRSTY when I woke up. Totally not typical for me.

Hey, I'm thirsty again. Thanks.
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Glad to know I am not alone. I feel like if I need to drink anymore I will need an IV drip. (Maybe that is what we need chely.)

Weasley, I cannot even think about drinking orange juice, ha ha.

nono, dh usually needs to get me more water in the middle of the night too. Then I like a large glass of cranberry juice when I wake up in the morning.
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An IV drip sounds fantastic... except for the whole needle part!! I hate needles *shudder*
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Originally Posted by chely7425 View Post
An IV drip sounds fantastic... except for the whole needle part!! I hate needles *shudder*
Me neither...in my fantasy it is not a needle.
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LOL well if we can get an IV with no needle I am SO in!
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I'm having such a hard time getting my water in! I just can't drink it like I used to When I'm really thirsty, nice cold water tastes great. But otherwise, yuck!

I never drink juice, but I've been drinking some lately. I gave up my caffeine free diet coke b/c of the artificial sweetener

Decaffeinated tea is what I've been trying to drink lately. Maybe I'll go make some right now.
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I'm drinking tons of water and still feel like I'm not getting enough too! I've quit drinking coffee and I really don't drink much else. I'm thinking some sort of herbal tea might be good, but I've got to figure out what's safe...
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i'm drinking A TON of water each day. i totally craved it with dd too. now, between nursing and being pg., i feel like i can't get enough!
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Yep, I'm thirsty too and my lips have been dry.

AND TIRED! (me, not my lips)
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I never drank water before this PG (well, not never, but you know), now I can't get enough.

Except for my morning cup of coffee nothing sounds good. Not even non-caffinated options like juice or Sprite.

Back to water it is!
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I am soo thirsty, I didn't have this with my other pregnancies. I always have a dry mouth, no matter how much water I consume. I'm glad this issue came up because it crossed my mind earlier that this might not be normal. It's nice to know I'm not alone!
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