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Originally Posted by PassionateWriter View Post
i rarely get online time anymore and can rarely type.

I'm just the opposite, lol. I'm getting lots of computer time now that I've got used to nak again. Before he was born I was up and around too much and didn't spend as much time sitting. I'm so thankful for internet and cable these days, and normally I'm sort of anti-tv!
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Ok so, everything I've read on what I'm describing says that it's probably a piece of my hymen that never fully "broke away". : The sites I read said that it'll just work it's way off completely over time and isn't uncommon during childbirth. Go fig. Guess I'll give it some time and then call my OB if it starts to bother me.
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hello ladies!

i havn't been posting on the thread, but reading has been encouraging.

For the record, I would love to be part of a WEEKLY THREAD of postpartum support! I have been over on life with a babe, and while its heplful, would much prefer support from mamas with babes the same age as mine.

I am struggling with my LO. He is high needs. Not really a screamer, just perpetually fussy!! He never seems happy in his skin unless he is eating or sleeping. Even wearing him only lasts a little while before he is fussing and making loud grunting and whining noises - he seems so uncomfortable. I feel like I am doing something wrong. Is this normal? I have cut out all offending foods that might be irritating him, only put him in 100% cotton, swaddle or dont swaddle, shush, rock, sing, bring him back to the womb as much as possible, and then he eventually falls asleep - which would be great, except he can literally be asleep all day and up all night when i constantly encourage sleep.

I just ordered some black and white books and mobiles in hopes that he needs some different stimulation... it honestly feels like he is frustrated to be a newborn - always craning his neck and fighting the swaddle and scratching and punching at me and himself. I feel like if he was in pain he would be crying.... no?

sigh. just looking for support really. i am afraid to leave my house with him, and by the end of the day i want to just cry with frustration. DH works 10 hour days, and takes him for a shift as soon as he gets home so i can nap or internet or shower. is the image of a newborn who sits contentedly in a swing or seat for half an hour just completely unrealistic?

thanks for listening ladies.
hope everyone hs a lovely day ahead of them!
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mama.rye a weekly thread was just started yesterday actually . But I guess we forgot to link it to here so others could find it.... so here's the link: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=992089

You might try copying and pasting your reply above to the new thread so that we can be sure everyone see's it.

As for a newborn being happy for 30 mins..... very doubtful IMHO.... my kid (though he does have reflux) is just now starting to have a FEW minutes of happy awake, before he is tired and must go back to sleep. See ya on the new thread..
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I just had to reply to this one...our first son was just like this. Only instead of a grunter, he was a high pitched screamer. He too, always seemed unhappy and it was really hard. He also wouldn't sleep unless he was tightly swaddled for months and months and had to have white noise, hair dryer, you name it, we tried it!! The thing we discovered was that has was just really a high needs baby. Now he is 2 and is still a handful, but is SUCH a joy at the same time. Have you watched the Happiest Baby On The Block video? We watched that and got some good ideas from it that seemed to help. All I can say is just hang in there, they always go through phases, some good and some not so fun. He will grow out of alot of what you are describing. In the Happiest Baby On The Block, they describe what is called the "4th" trimester, which is where the baby just isn't quite ready to adjust to being outside the womb yet and there are things we can do to help the transition.

Hang in there mama, sounds like you are doing a great job!
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Mama-rye- Congrats on getting a high needs baby! My DS1 was this way, and though he was a lot of work he is such a charming little firecracker. . . sigh. . . AP was tons of effort and emotionally and phsically exhausting, but WORTH EVERY MINUTE!!!! Hang in there momma! He'll be CEO of a fortune 500 company someday!

Diaps at night- well, I don't know if my boys have iron butts or what, but being pooped while they were BF never bothered them. Milo only grunts/fusses at night right before he poops- then he's happy. It really doesn't seem to bother him. And if I didn't have my lunablanket, I'd have to change him, although I should be able to find a CD combo that keeps him overnight. He's had no rashes, and my sheets are soaked in breastmilk by morning anyway, so a little nb pee is no big deal IMHO. If he starts to get rashy, I'd have to change him too, but so far, no problem. Being fully awake to feed isn't an issue for us, either. He takes almost a full feed half asleep, so I don't have to make sure he's awake.

Also. the no stim at night thing isn't ignoring your BB at night- he sleeps in my armpit, so I couldn't exactly ignore him if I wanted to! It's just- once you can get to this point, and it's easier the second time around- you just don't do anything you don't have to do. No lights, no burping (unless they need to of course) no changes unless necessary, low low voices, etc. It really does help them learn the difference between day and night. I still respond immediately when he wants to nurse, and if he fusses, and I don't know what's wrong, I'll definately turn on the lamp to see what's what, but only if we need to.

Plus- if you've got a 2 yo light sleeper in the next room, you avoid all crying that you can!
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