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Had my home visit!

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My midwife came up to do my home visit this morning and I think it hit me I could be having this baby any time (though the irony that I could be waiting another 6 weeks is not lost on me either!). Normally they wait til 37 weeks but because Adrian was a 36 weeker and my labor was so quick, they wanted to come and make sure they knew how to get here and all that

We're getting so close, mamas!!!
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Whoo hoo! Can't wait until we start getting full-term Nov baby stories and announcements!
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Yay! It still feels like soooooo far away for me (I am just 33 weeks tomorrow) and I'm so impatient already! So I can't wait to start living vicariously through some of you, since I will almost certainly be among the very last of us to have the baby! (I am due on the 25th and all 3 of my babies so far have been late...ugh!)
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Hard to believe we're this close, isn't it?

We've come a long way since the TTC forum.
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