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Possibly relocating to Boerne area- advice please!

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Hi everyone,
We're considering relocating for a job in Boerne, and are trying to gather as much info as possible before we make a trip out to the area to explore. I know that Boerne is closer to San Antonio than Austin, but I think we'd prefer to live at least partway between the 2 b/c I keep hearing such wonderful things about the latter.

Some of the areas I've been researching are New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, and San Marcos. Can anyone tell me anything about these areas, or any others that might be worth checking out?

I'm really just getting started, so any info at all would be really helpful. Thanks so much!
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Shameless bump...still looking for info. Pretty please?
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Had a good friend that lived in New Braunfels for several years commuting to San Antonio. Loved it, loved the area. Had an historic house that they were fixing up. Not too far for them to drive to Austin either.

But they just moved to Marfa (far West Texas). She said they were sick of the rat race (she was a CPA and he a teacher) and the traffic. They certainly got away from everything out in Marfa! I don't know how they're doing now...last I heard they were still happy with the move.

But I know they loved living in NB too.

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Boerne is 20 min west of San Antonio. Much farther from Austin (approx an hour) and I *think* you have to drive through SA to get to Austin (unless there's some back way I don't know about, which is entirely possible).

All those towns you named are lovely. I've never lived in any of them, but when driving through them, they look nice.
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Howdy. I actually live in New Braunfels. I love this town. Just moved here about two years ago, but used to come here to float the river once a year for a few years prior. From what I understand, the schools are great, I know the people are pretty great, and there is tons to do whether you are an indoor or outdoor person. It is growing, but it is still very quaint, small town-ish. The real estate market is very diverse here. There are your typical subdivisions, historic homes, subdivisions with 2.5 to 10 acre lots, homes right in the middle of town and homes farther out.
I know Canyon Lake is moving up in the world, since they just got a new high school. There are some small towns around it that are okay, too. On the edge of Hill Country, you have tons of options.
San Marcos is a nice town, also, but is very much a college town. It is the closest of the 3 you named to Austin. (NB is about an hour and Canyon Lake would be just about the same, I think.) San Marcos is really only about 20 minutes north of NB, so I guess it would still be about a 40 min. drive.
Not sure what else you'd like to know, but I will help ya with whatever I can.
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I live in SA...actually Bulverde which is exactly 20 minutes east of Boerne. Boerne is a nice little town. Bulverde is a small suberb of SA really...we use the same school district as Canyon Lake too (Smithson Valley School District).

There are definitely some "back-ways" to drive to Boerne from Bulverde, NB, Canyon Lake, Austin, etc. I would say that from Boerne to Austin is realistically 1 1/2 hours especially with traffic and that is travelling the backroads.

I think you would love Boerne, SA, Bulverde, NB or Canyon Lake area. It will really depend on how much of a commute you want.

Definitely research SA too...I love it. Depending on what you are looking for...there is an active API group, Holistic Mom's group, homeschool groups, etc. The cost of living is a bit lower here too than Austin. I'd recommend it to everyone!!! :
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