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Joining in!

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Hello Ladies,

I think I feel good enough to join the June 2009 DDC. I don't know if any of you still lurk in TTC, but it has been quite a rollercoaster over the last week. You can read the saga here.

Basically, on 9DPO I started my period, on 14 DPO my temps were still sky high and I tested. Well, low and behold, I got a BFP! I've had two betas, 53 and 142 respectively and they are doubling adequately.

I will be having a repeat draw on Wednesday and an ultrasound on October 24. I'm sure hoping to see a heartbeat!

I'm feeling pretty good. Sore breasts, tender nipples while nursing, some fatigue, but not much else. Looking back on my posts from the February 2007 DDC this was how I was feeling right about now in my last pregnancy. Things really kicked into high gear around week 6.

I'm excited to be here and I hope I get to stay. Nice to meet everyone!
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Wow...while it seems unusual to have af type bleeding during a pregnancy it is not all that uncommon. Your betas look good. Congratulations and Welcome!
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: Welcome.
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Oh my goodness! I love seeing TTC graduates here. Welcome and I'm glad there was a happy ending to your saga, mama. :
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i totally read your saga a few days ago. i'm glad to see you here!! congrats, mama!
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congrats mama!!
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