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I've picked through this thread and the bigger pregnancy thread and now know there's not much to do but wait until my u/s tomorrow-- but tonight I'm sitting at home with mild cramps after some pink spotting all day at work.
I've had TONS of discharge with this pregnancy (TMI sorry ) so really it was more like pinkish brownish discharge with a little blood in my undies, but still. Also terribly nauseous but maybe that's just anxiety. At this point I'm convinced it could go equally either way here. Good thoughts, please.
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I'm sorry that this is happening to you! Hopefully all will be well tomorrow. I'll add you to my prayers tonight.
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Sorry to hear you are having problems Catt. Hopefully it is nothing and you get a clean bill of health tomorrow.
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*crossing fingers*

: and lots and lots of babysticky vibes...
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I'll be thinking about you. Good luck tomorrow.
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I've had spotting like that off and on this whole pregnancy, but multiple ultrasounds have shown that my little one is just fine. It's scary, but it really could be nothing at all. Good thoughts and prayers your way.
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I too have had spotting come and go during my entire pregnancy so far. I've had a couple of ultrasounds, and everything is still fine. It's scary, but I hope the ultrasound gives you good news. I'll be thinking of you - good luck.
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Good luck mama! Please let us know how it goes...
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I will have you in my POSITIVE thoughts!
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Thinking of you! :
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any update?
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Good thoughts for you, mama. I hope all went well today.
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