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I also have tetanus questions!

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DS is 3 1/2, not vaxed, and fell at school, hit a metal bench I was told, got 4stiches at hospital.

1. Was asked by 2-3 people during the hospital experience if he is up to date on vaxes. Just said either that he is, is fine, or that I don't think he has had a tetanus shot, but was afraid of getting into a bigger situation than just the one at hand (needing stiches) so I didn't say that he is not vaxed. Didn't want to have to be untruthful, but felt the need to be vague out of fear that I would be misunderstood by people thinking they have good intentions. Any thoughts? What would you do?

2. What if the ped recommends a tetanus shot, is it necessary or recommended even?

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Is there anybody here with info?

The ped suggested the DPaT for ds.
My friend suggested that I post here and she thought someone would respond right away...
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ok. sorry that no one responded. i don't have the links, but you can probably find some of this info in the archives. here is my understanding...

tetanus disease results when the tetanus bacteria multiply and produce a toxin. this can't happen in the presence of oxygen. if the wound bled, your child is not at risk. most ppl who get tetanus have poor circulation, which reduces the oxygen supply to the wound, due to age or diabetes.

the DTaP shot won't create an immune system response for about 3 weeks (possibly less time if your LO has had at least one shot already). the incubation period for tetanus is 2 weeks, so the DTaP won't be helpful.

if your child is truly at risk, which is improbable, he would need TIG - the tetanus immunoglobin.

tetanus is treatable w/ IVs, etc. and the rare healthy ppl who develop tetanus usually recover.

have you read insidevaccines on tetanus?
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thank you!!!

Thank you so much! This is very helpful.
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wanted to sub because i'm trying to compile as much info about tetanus as i possibly can
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If, by chance, my son fell on a rusty bit of barbed wire in the middle of a pasture, and IF I felt like the tetanus vaccine were needed...I would move heck and high water to get him ONLY the tetanus toxoid. And that is IF it is even still available!

My mom, about 10 years ago, got a spider bite (on her cheek, shudder). It was naaaasty (possibly brown recluse) and when she went to the doctor for it, he insisted that spider bites can cause tetanus, and heavily urged her to have a shot.

He SWORE to her that he had the tetanus toxoid. That that is ALL he would give her, not the DTP (DPT? it wasn't being called DTaP at the time b/c that's not what she said to me when telling the story). She agreed, despite serious misgivings.

She got sick as a dog, sicker than she'd been in her life (at the time). It took, I'm serious, a MONTH for her to feel somewhat better.

She went back in, knowing that he had given her the full vaccine, had them show her her records, they did, and yep, the DTP is what was given to her. She was LIVID.

So after my mom's experience, unless they could sign paperwork that they were ONLY giving the ONE vaccine, with lawyers present that that is what they were giving, I wouldn't give it.

And of course that's only going to come into play after a fall onto rusty barbed wire in a pasture. We live in a downtown area. Not going to happen anytime soon!
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