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Sometimes I think....What am I going to do with a BOY!??!?

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Yes I know, boys are great, but I've never had one!! Bella is such a petite and delicate princess, and such a girly girl! What in the world am I going to do with a boy!!!!!

I know, I'm neurotic, but this is what is going through my head this morning...lol
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I feel the same way about having a little girl! I feel like I'm such a "boy mom" that I can't imagine myself putting pigtails and braids in someone's hair
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It is for this reason that I am glad I am having boy #2

You'll find your groove. It helps that for the first year (or more) they're not really any gender, they're just babies!
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(not your DDC but...)

I felt the same way. My first was a girl and I was the oldest of 3 girls. I was scared... what to do with a boy??? But let me tell you, my little boy just has a such a special place in my heart. I love having a boy and it makes life so so interesting! Boys definitely add a different perspective
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I really love my little boy and I love being a mama to a boy. I think you will just fall right into it and it will be natural for you. But I have to admit, I am having a girl this time and I have been a little nervous on how to handle her! Everyone keeps saying that girls are harder to handle than boys. So maybe if you have the girl thing down already, then mothering a boy will be easy.
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My op is that girls are harder, but I also think it's silly that our society only has 2 groups....saying boys are one way and girls are the other.....I mean how many people do you know of the same gender that are the same, it really is a personality thing. Maybe my girls are harder cause I have 3 of them and together they are off the hinges, but at the same time my boy is mellow and booky and sensitive, not really one of those "all boy boys" that seems to be the stereotype.
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SOOOOO glad that others feel the same way. I know I'll immediately fall in love, its just going to be sooooo different, ykwim?
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Sometimes I wonder the same thing-- I have an almost 2 year old daughter and I'm expecting a baby boy in January (crashing your DDC right now lol ) but actually I think it's making the whole thing even more exciting...uncharted territory, you know?
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I don't know what I am having but if it's a girl... rest assured, I am thinking exactly the same thing
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I know what you mean. In Aug, my cousin had the first boy born to our family in 14 years. In Sept my sil has the first boy born to my husbands family in 27 years. Everyone else has girls. Including us. We have three daughters and this one is a boy! I have no idea what to do with boys... it should be interesting!
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Originally Posted by andi-mama View Post
It is for this reason that I am glad I am having boy #2
yeah that!

i did feel that way before ds1 arrived. But honestly, I take care of male and female professionally.... and male is so much easier than female.
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LOL - I'm feeling the same fear about having a girl!
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he could end up like my micah, who today wanted a princess cookie (regular cookie with entirely too much blue frosting and a tinkerbell ring on it) at the mall. he ate it up and declared "now im a princess".
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I felt the same way last time - I was having a boy after having 2 (very girly) girls, and I had no experience with boys! And it DID turn out to be SOOOOO different - really, by 2-3 months I could see major differences. But it's just as wonderful - only different! I love having my little guy and it all came very naturally. Still, I have to admit I'm a little relieved that this one is a girl again - I definitely do want more boys, but I think I needed a break in between them (toddler boyhood is making me NUTS - LOL!!)
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hahaha... I felt this way when my son was born for like a minute. Then it became obvious that newborn babies are pretty gender neutral. In fact, even at 2.5 years old there doesn't seem to be alot of obvious differences between the sexes. Charlie's 3 closest friends are girls (there mothers are my closest friends). 2 of whom are probably more "girly" but in very subtle ways at this point and 1 of them out runs, out punches, etc all the other boys.

You will have a long time of getting use to your child before it matters at all, I think. Well, except at diaper changing time, I guess :-)
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Well, for starters, I strongly recommend that you make sure his little thingy is pointing DOWN when you change his diaper.

Then you love him and hug him and kiss him!

Pretty soon he'll just be "your kid" and not "a boy" and it won't matter at all!

Boys are fun, in a different way than girls!
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I'm right there with you. I am the oldest of 4 girls and never had any boy relatives that I was close to. I have NO idea what to do with a boy. I was actually a little sad to find out that my DD wasn't going to have a sister. I think I always envisioned myself having girls like my mother did.

Now I'm just getting super-excited to meet him, but I'm still afraid I'll be overwhelmed.
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