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New Iowa Homeschooling List

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There is a new e-mail list for liberals who homeschool in Iowa (it looks like there may be more of us than I thought LOL). This list is open to home school families with childrens of all ages including babies, toddlers and preschoolers.
It is also open to people with different homeschooling philosophies and religious beliefs (or lack thereof).

The group is operating on a consensus basis, so if you join, there are a few polls you might be interested in voting on.

Iowa Homeschoolers are Liberals Too!
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Holy Cow! 25 members in just 2-3 days-COOL!
Way to go Steph!
I think this is a good thing for local homeschoolers.
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I was happy to see that I was afraid I would start it and no one would join. LOL
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