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That sounds good to me. The 18th is out for us, as well, but any other day would be okay.
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Good chiropractors in Jackson can be hard to find. We like Dr. James Koffeman on West Ave. He does Applied Kinesiology.

Here's his site: www.drkoffeman.com
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Chelsea TreeHouse

How about meeting up at the Tree House on Friday, Nov 21? It seems like a great way to end the week.

In my experience, it has been quite busy in the mornings but then it slows down around lunch time. Would 11:30 work for people? Or does it get in the way of naps, etc? There are some healthy lunch options if that makes it easier.
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11:30 the 21st would work great for me
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The 21st should work for us as well.
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Yay! So we have 3! Anyone else?
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Are we still on?
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We have the creeping crud here, so we are going to have to skip tomorrow. We are all coughing and feeling yucky. Hope you guys have fun.
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Well, I am here. I don't know if you are though Michelle! I guess we should have planned this a little better.

Rodeo Mama,
Sorry to hear your kids are sick. I hope you all feel better by Thanksgiving!

We'll have to try this again. It's definitely a great place to be when it's cold outside!
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Sorry gals. My DD reacts if I get any dairy or soy in my diet and something must have slipped in. I didn't sleep very much at all last week and this sort of fell off my radar. Do you want to try again? I am kind of crazy until after the holiday, but I would be happy to either post again in Jan or try and catch up with something someone else organizes.
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See ya in January?

Hello ladies... Things have been crazy here so I haven't been on in awhile. I agree we should try to meet up in January. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! I hope to meet you all soon.
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Meeting up in January sounds good to me, too. Do we want to try and meet at Chelsea Treehouse again? When is good? The 6th is out for me, but I think that's about it as of right now.
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Anybody still want to try and meet up?
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Anybody want to meet up at a park somewhere now that it's warming up?
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I would love to meet. What about Cascades in Jackson?
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Cascades is fine with me. This week coming up probably won't work, but the week after would be fine. Let me know what works for you.
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Do any of you homeschool or know anything about homeschooling in the Jackson area? Or do you have any strong opinions about a specific elementary school in the area? So far, I'm not impressed.
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Originally Posted by LittleRockstar View Post
Do any of you homeschool or know anything about homeschooling in the Jackson area? Or do you have any strong opinions about a specific elementary school in the area? So far, I'm not impressed.
We are planning on homeschooling, but I haven't gotten involved in any groups yet. I know there are a couple of moms at LLL that homeschool. There is a christian homeschool conference in Lansing coming up in May, as well. Info at www.inch.org if you are interested. I'll try to remember to ask at LLL about local homeschool groups.
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I homeschool!!! My daughter went to Warner. It was fine, but didn't work out well for our specific situation. Homeschooling was just a better choice. There are 2 homeschooling groups in the area. One is Young Explorers and the other is Pioneers. I was not impressed with Young Explorers, unfortunately. I'm sure it would be fine for some, just not for us. I've heard good things about Pioneers, but we've decided to go it alone for now. Although it would be great to meet other like-minded people.

Does one day of the next week work better to get together?
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Wednesday or Thursday would be best next week. Hope to meet you soon!
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