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Can I crash here?

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Hi everyone. I'm from the Dec DDC, but I'll be in your club now. My edd is Dec 4, but due to complications he'll be about a month early. I think I'll be induced between the 5th and the 13th, if its up to me it will be before the 10th, but we'll see.

Until I see the peri, I'll be straddling both months. I seriously doubt I'll have a Dec baby, but I don't wanna leave my ladies! But I'd like to get to know you guys a bit better too!
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Welcome, mama! Of course you're welcome here--jump right in! My son was a 36 weeker so I have been straddling both October and November. I'm sorry that you're having complications
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Welcome! Sorry to hear that you have been having complications mama, hope you and your LO have a wonderful birth (whether it's in Nov or Dec )
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Welcome! Anybody is welcome!

If you feel like it, please feel free to share about the problems going on. Healthy baby vibes being sent your way!
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Welcome!!! Sennding good vibes your way
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and s
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well Sage you did start out here, so it makes sense that you will end up here. I am wishing you peace and some good sleep. It has been so hard for you, but you will end up with a beautiful baby.
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Welcome! I'm sorry you're having complications, but of course make yourself at home here.
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Welcome! I'm straddling Oct/Nov but figured I'd just settle here since keeping up with two DDCs is more than I have time for! Sorry everything is not going so smoothly for you, I hope your LO gets to decide when to come!
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welcome! Sorry you are having complications.
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Warm welcome!
I participated in 2 DDC-s before, the 05 August and the 07 May DDC, and ended up having a 05 July and a 07 April baby! So I totally understand!
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I'm in both DDC too Sage.(due Nov.30)Both are full of great mama's.Welcome!

Have you heard back from the peri yet?
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