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Mosaic Moon

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Mosaic Moon wool soakers!!

I am so thankful for having found Morwenna and Mosaic Moon! I switched to wool covers/soakers about 3-4 months ago and have 3 of her soakers now!

Very pleasant mama to work with, the shipping is fast, and thankfully she includes care instructions! These things are easy, even my husband is impressed and they are the first things he reaches for when I ask him to do a diaper change.

The soakers gorgeous, and the knitting is perfection. I love the colors and can't wait to see what she comes up with next. Morwenna definitely has an eye for color coordination.

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I love Morwenna's soakers - I'm so glad she decided to go into business with them. Even though Davey is outgrowing his, it is still the first cover I reach for....ad always the one he wears when we go on special outings.
When you look at these off of a baby, you usually think "the leg holes look funny", but trust me - once on, it fits great, and the legs are in just the right spot.
I like that the leg cuffs are narrow (they don't leave a noticeable ridge), and the lower rise eliminates the "soaker-to-the-armpits" problem
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We've been using our Mosaic Moon soaker for several months now and I'm absolutely thrilled with it!

Not only is this a beautiful soaker but it's well crafted and works amazingly well over everything from prefolds to my son's bulkiest fitted dipes.
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I ditto what everybody else has already said about Mosaic Moon soakers. I have 3 and love them. They fit great over my fitteds and work well for day or night. In addition to all the other raves, one of my favorite things about these is the drawstring. It's just the right width unlike other soakers' which seem to thin to me, and therefore uncomfortable for my little guy. And my favorite thing about them is they really are gorgeous. Morwenna is awesome, too.
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So far these are my favorite soakers. At first I thought the leg holes looked funny, but they fit so great! I really like how the legs are stretchy and not tight. The fit is fantastic and so beautiful! Morwenna does a super job on dying. I must have another! Love them.
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I have yet to snag a soaker from Morwenna, but I have several of her playsilks, and they are vibrant and beautiful!
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testing for Mizelenius


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Morwenna is the best!!!!!!!!!
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I bought a MM soaker that didn't quite fit right - Morwenna quickly replaced it with a new one. Her customer service is superb. We have been using the soaker for about 2 weeks in heavy rotation and I love it. It's trim, fits well, and her eye for color is really amazing. I have nothing but praise for MM.
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We have 2 of MM soakers, and absolutely love them!
RIght down to their beauitful colors, carefully handknit, and exquiste taste of colors she has! Wonderful customer service,
items always arrive with a handdyed mini scarf sized playsilk dyed to match your soaker!!

Wonderful,thats all I can think to say !!!
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well, there is a reason morwenna's knits are so popular. she was VERY accomodating when it came to my order - i had scored a hyena cart slot for one color but she graciously did a different pair for me. and then another, which i had her custom dye just from description. she got the colors EXACTLY right...i was a bit worried thinking i'd never be able to exlain it and i was having a hard time finding pics to show her but then she dyed from my description and it was PERFECT! she is also lightening fast - i mean, like just a couple of days and your order is ready (for pants no less!) i feel her prices are really great for the product she offers, especially when compared to some other WAHMs. her knitting is flawless. the pictures on her site do not do her knits justice - my advice is to go with her and trust that she will do a great job. i was worried as these were my 1st pair of custom knits but the experience w/MM has made me addicted to knits!
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We have one soaker and one pair of long soaker pants from MM. Morwenna is a consumate knitting artist and has a special eye for color. Such a talent! I like her old and her new wools. The two items are still in very good shape and have served us well for months and months. I think I will have to try for a pair of shorts to complete our MM trilogy.
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Morwenna's knit items are the best! I have one of her longies, one of her shorts, and one of her soakers.. and a custom coming up. The color's that she chooses are wonderful. And the wool.... oh so soft! Her items are my fav. when it comes to knit longies, etc.. I can't say enough about her work.. just wonderful!
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Great Mama and the most beautiful soakers Great customer service as well
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I was SO lucky to actually grab a MM pant and hat set! I see what all the fuss is about now! When I opened the pkg it took my breath away! I can't stop petting it and admiring the gorgeous colors and perfect knitting! I am just beyond pleased with these pants. I love that she offers the organic yarn for my future baby!

Morwenna is the very sweetest wahm and I just her.

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