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"Charlotte Homeschooling"- Information on homeschooling as well as resources for homeschooling in the greater Charlotte, NC area.

"Unschooling In The Carolinas"- This is a social group for families who are currently unschooling, or embrace relaxed and natural learning.

These are websites, message boards, and group forums all combined in one site! I just love the "My Pages" potential for connecting with families about our kid's interests, types of homeschooling, areas of town, etc. You can chat, add blog entries, upload videos, music, photos, PM, etc. all with local moms. Both sites have an Events calendar and everyone can post activities and details there too.

We are planning some MNO, park days and other outings for families in the region. Check out the links! These are amazing resources for connecting with other homeschoolers.

We hope you all join us and will share the links around. And consider adding any events that you'd like to include!