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Ped dentist in Fbx?

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Can anyone rec a great pediatric dentist in Fairbanks? I went to Dr Higgins when Orion chipped a tooth 2 yrs ago, but he didn't want me to come in with Orion--and Orion was under the age of one! I mean, you just need your mama sitting there with you until you're maybe 3 or 4. And he was very anti-BF. So we need a new dentist...

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We like O'donoghue. He's pricey but he gets a lot of natural concepts so the tug of war isn't there. He has I think 4 kids of his own. He's very prevention focused. We went for a 2 yr check and were happy - he did it w ds1 on my lap.
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O'Donoghue has 4 hs'd wonderful kids. He's also anti-flouridated water, and very intelligent and well-read.

We see Dr. Tanner (his offices are called Gentle Dental). They kind of giggled at me years ago when I requested to be asked before they did fluoride treatments on my kids (I don't allow them), and I told them I *always* want to approve any X-rays (so they aren't routine...the kids don't always need them, IMHO), and that I want their thyroids covered during x-rays. Now they're used to me and my silly ways.

He's a great dentist, and sees a ton of kids, takes Denali Kid Care and sees a lot of special needs kids. He also has 4 kids of his own and is a hockey dad.

love, p
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Why do you see Tanner instead of O'donoghue?
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To my knowledge, O'D doesn't accept DKC. He's pretty pricey.

Plus, his wife and kids are family friends, and it would just be awkward.

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