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Thailand this winter

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I am trying to become a doula and childbirth educator via childbirth international and I am hoping to meet some of you in Thailand this winter.

We will arive in Bangkok on december 3, will stay there for a little bit, and from there go to Koh Samui. We will have untill the beginning of March.

Maybe I could join one of you doulas or childbirth educators on some lessons or other activities?

I tried to find some of the old threads but they all seem to be gone....???

Hope to get some responds here!!!!

(mum to Wobbe- sep 2006)
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Hi Angela!

As far as I know, there are 3 doulas, 3 childbirth ed?, and one lactation consultant in Bangkok.

I was doing private classes but with the best pro-natural hospital offering classes FREE for those using its facilities, there is no interest in private classes. But, the woman teaching the classes probably wouldn't mind having you attend to learn. I can get you her contact information if you'd like.

There is a lot of doula work for the one practicing doula! I'm still on "maternity" leave as my 14mo old twins are still nursing around the clock. I'm hopeing to get pumping going better so I can attend a birth in January. One doula is now on staff to help with lactation at one of the biggest hospitals.

The other doula is the busiest and may like to have someone on call, especially during the holidays. I can get you in contact with her as well.

You can also get involved with the BAMBI group.

If you're going outside of Bangkok, you won't find much of anything unfortunately. Regardless of what you can see or do, I'd love to meet you and just talk about birth, doula, CBE, whatever!
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Hello MamaRabbit,

thanks a lot for the info... yes I would very much like to have her contact details if that is OK. Could you PM me them?

Which hospital is the one offering free classes? (i already know BKK a bit so I might know it)

I am not practicing anything really with my 2year old still claiming me and sleeping with me... but I'm sure things will change soon.... So you are hoping to be able to leave your twins for some time during the night in january... i hope so for you...Wobbe (my son) never wanted anything else then my breasts so I always had to be there. Now, things are still like that at night...

Am I correct that you studied with CBI as well? How did you like it? Did you find the difference between the doula and the CBE-course worth while?

I would love to meet you in december, so I will PM you for sure!

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