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Please look! Classic Diaper rash or Yeast rash? (1wk baby) (x-posted)

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Please look at this picture. Does this look like classic diaper rash or a yeast rash? I was thinking yeast and have been treating it for the past 24hrs with grapefruit seed extract mixed with water like I did with DS when he had thrush at 10mos. It has gotten worse so far, not better. DD is just 1 week old.

We also changed to non-chlorine diapers (7th generation) when she was 2days old b/c we thought she was having diaper irritation - and she probably was because it has cleared up to reveal this other type of rash underneath. We are also just using cotton balls and water to clean her with. Hoping it gets better soon but if it is not yeast then I need to change how we care for it. She also has a white tongue and I have had a little thrush like nipple pain in one nipple which is why I suspected yeast. But...I'm just not sure.

Here is the pic. Thanks for looking!

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It looks like yeast to to me. My DD had a horrible case of it. We had to strip and re-strip all her diapers and then rinse with vinegar+GSE after each wash. The only thing that ended up working for us was GSE mixed with water in a spray bottle sprayed on a few times a day, lots of naked booty time and adding vinegar and GSE to her wipe solution.
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doesn't look like yeast to me - don't see any satellite spots.
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Could be yeast. I'd try adding a few drops of tea tree oil to some olive (or other) oil and dabbing the rash area with that. Cleared dd's early rash right up.

Plenty of naked time, too.
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I thought yeast was more in the folds of skin. This looks more like where the diaper touches her skin. Have you tried zinc oxide creams?
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You might want to look into food sensitivities too. A friend's diaper rash looked like that - she got tested for foor intolerance, and it disappeared once they eliminated the foods she didn't tolerate from mom's diet.


This may not be the case with you, but it's worth considering.
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