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3cm + 50-60% effaced + cxs=bedrest

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I spent last night at L&D and now I am home on bedrest. Since Sunday, my cxs have increased. I was hoping just to go in to the dr.s office for a cervical check as my gut was telling me I was dilating. The Dr. couldn't see me in the office, so I went to L&D. I am 33.5weeks and dilating and effacing. They gave me 2 steriod shots for the baby's lungs. I had an u/s and baby looks great. Thankfully, no PTL, just lots of irregular contractions. This morning, they calmed down and the rest really helped.

I need to make it to 35 weeks(10/17) so that the baby doesn't go to NICU. I need to make it to 37 weeks for a waterbirth. But, I am preparing myself that it(waterbirth) may not happen and to need to keep my eye on the goal, healthy baby and mama.

Please send positive vibes that baby stays in a couple weeks longer. I was pretty freaked out yesterday.
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Mama, I hope your LO stays put for another couple of weeks at least!!
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, Prayers, and fully cooked baby vibes!

I'm in a similar situation, doctor said yesterday "if you can make it to 36 weeks that would be great". Keep those legs crossed, lots of water, lots of rest! In the whole scheme of things it's such a short period of time!

OH, thinking of you so much!
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Stay in there snowbaby!
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Sending your LO "Cook Longer!!!" vibes, mama! : You will be in my thoughts Snow!
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Lots of s and to you! 37 weeks will be here before you know it!
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Praying for you!
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Here's hoping you can stall that baby for a few more weeks.
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I was about the same with my daughter. At 32 wks I was 50% and 2 cm and I held her in till 37 weeks. You can do it! I have had ctx this pregnancy, and when they seem to be getting close and developing a pattern (sometimes every 5-7 min.), I have half a glass of wine and a warm bath. So far, it's worked for me. I am only a fingertip and 50% right now. Good luck!
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Thanks everyone. I forgot to mention that the u/s showed baby at about 5lb 6oz which is really good.

My mom is here helping which is HUGE! The dr. said I can not do anything, no cooking, cleaning, etc. Kind of hard to let go and sit here, but I have to. This baby has to stay in. I am so scared of NICU.
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I am just about right there with you. I was almost in L&D last night. I have an appt with the dr tomorrow. I am praying there will be no cervical change because I do not want bedrest. The cxs are irregular but consistant. *sigh* Maybe it has something to do with our edd.

Sending lots of stay put vibes for the baby. : Hang in there.
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with my first pg i was 3 cm and about 90% for weeks, i got there about 34 weeks, and stayed there until 41.1. It can happen, stay off your feet. Do everything they ask you to. You will make it I have faith.
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Sending positive vibes to you!!!: Cook baby Cook!!!
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Prayers for your little one to stay put!!!
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Take advantage of the rest, even though it may drive ya mad...

Here's to keeping the baby in the oven longer: :
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UGH! Rough night of contractions. The worse so far. Luckily, they were irregular.

I ran out(well, my mom drove me to a store) and got a Moby wrap today, so I can take it to the hospital with me.

Please baby stay in!!!
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Hang in there babysnow!
Oct 17 isn't too far away!
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