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Until reading others posts, I'd forgotten about that night in the hospital with newborn Sophia when Abigail got sick and she and daddy had to leave.

But that doesn't surprise me that I forgot.. I've blocked a good portion of my births from my memory because they were both so terribly traumatic for me.
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The nineteen year old lived with my mother for fourteen months when she was fifteen/sixteen.
The seventeen year old lived with his father for about six months when he was fifteen.
The eleven month old slept in the bedroom while I peed in the bathroom for about ten minutes when he was less than six months old. He'd rather come with me now.

I've had plenty of time away from my children already so I can't say I crave it right now, although that could change when ds2 gets older.
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About 3 hours when she was about 8 months old. We were staying with MIL for a week (who lives in another country, so we rarely see her) and she really wanted to let DH and I have some time together (and spend some time with her grand-daughter one-on-one too!). I was happy leaving them together as they love each other, and MIL's great about respecting our parenting choices.
DH and I went to the cinema nearby, with a promise that MIL would call us, or come to the cinema complex with DD if she got upset. We needn't have worried - she was only starting to notice our absence by the time we got back, lol!
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At 19 months my now 2.5 year old DS flew to Atlanta with my Aunt. They spent a week and a half in Atlanta with my Mother.
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Four days. She was with her dad. Usually she's only gone for one, maybe two nights. But his family was in town so she spent an extra long time with them. I missed her a lot. I do fine with one or two nights, but four was tough.
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DD is 2 years old. We've been apart for 2-4 hours at a time. Until she was 15 months, we had not been apart for more than 30 minutes at a time, and she'd only been left with DH.

Then at 16 months old I left her with my father's sister for a few hours while I attended a funeral for a baby. We were worried about how the mother would react to babies presence. She had met my aunt maybe once before, but there were 2 other toddlers close to her age there and it was the middle of the day and I was very close by. We had my aunt keep her because she was so close to the funeral which was a 5 hour car drive from our home to stay with my mom and then a 1.5 hour car ride to attend the funeral. My social little girl was absolutely fine and not even interested in nursing when I returned to get her.

Since then she's stayed with or gone out with my mom 2-3 times for a 1-2 hours each, and my DH pretty often lately while I get away for a couple hours on a weekend.
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DS1 (9yo) lived with my mom for 4 or 5 months when he was 4 while I was struggling with some mental health issues as a single mom. DS2 (18mo) has been away from me for an hour while I was at a candle party across the street when he was 4 mo.
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DD1-- four days, when my twins were born

DS/DD2-- 36 hours, on overnights with my mother
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DS: 3 days, while I was in the hospital giving birth to DD.
DD: 9 hours while I was at work
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DS just turned 3 and I recently left him for 7 days with DH so I could travel cross country for the death of a family member. That was a long 7 days, I missed them both so much!

Other than that he's never been away from DH and I for more than I'd say a few hours, and that's usually just once a month so we can run a booth at a local 'farmer's market'.
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