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Dr. Forseter

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I recently found out I am pregnant and have seen Dr. Forseter once so far. I would love to hear from others that may have used him for their pregnancies to see how you liked him, anything I should be wary of, etc.

Please please share all!!

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Hi! Just curious where you are located?
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South St. Louis County Area...
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I had a GREAT experience (brief, but was impressed) with him as a doula. He didn't make it to my clients delivery (various circumstances) but HE called her 3 times in 6 hours (middle of the night) just to 'check in and see how everything went/was going' since he couldn't get there. I am excited to work with him again in the future, he gave me a great first impression.
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He's my OB, and I am a fan. I transferred to him because I was having some anxiety with my old OB group (not natural childbirth supportive). So far, both my husband and I are impressed.
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Thanks ladies!! I had my 2nd appointment with him today and so far so good!! I really like him so far! His office was a bit hectic today and the flow was kind of off, but I am more worried about having an OB that I like. LOL!!
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