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Maggie-Sorry you have been sick. That would have made me crazy what with everything I have had to get done. I hope you get up in running in the next couple of days.

I have done really well at being organized for this whole hosting Thanksgiving deal. I have had a list in my day planner of everything I need to get done each day to make it work. I did this in part so there wouldn't be any stress...so far so good on that And the other reason is because this is the first time I have hosted a big holiday while having two small children (3 and 1). So I knew I needed to have things well figured out and not be waking up at 3 in the AM trying to get things done while having two crazy lil ones running around. Things have gone very well except for lack of sleep b/c the 1 year old is having some sort of sleep disturbance issues right now!

Anyways I have my turkey brining...recipe said do it for two days. I went ahead and made the giblet stock to make the gravy out of on Thursday. I'm making the sweet potatoe casserole today. I will be going to pick up flowers and having everything decorated tonight. The house is essentially clean except for running the vaccum and wiping down the bathrooms. Oh and I have to make the carmalized apple spice cake today. Theres no way I can make that tomorrow along with the turkey and stuffing and gravy.

I knew I was really being a little Susy homemaker when I ironed my linens. I never iron. Never ever ever ever!! But I figured I would go all out because we don't host very often and these ppl don't come over very often. So I really do want everything to be perfect and very pretty. It's important to me and makes me feel like a good hostess. Theres that homemaker in me again!!

In case I can't post again:

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Wow! Some of you ladies are really busy with hosting. We're in a tiny 2br apt, so we're not hosting this year. We're going to my Aunts for dinner at noon and my other grandma's for supper. I can't wait until we have a big enough place to host Thanksgiving some day. I am roasting a turkey though. Two different grocery chains had turkeys on sale this week for .29/lb so I got one from each. I'll roast one on Friday and make stock just to have for sandwiches and soup and stuff. The other one is in the freezer and I'll pull it out in a few months. I'm kind of glad I'm not hosting thanksgiving this year though. I've got a bunch of sewing I need to get done before Christmas, and Thanksgiving prep would probably put me over the edge
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Well, I have been quite the busy homemaker this morning! I cleaned up, now all I have to do is a quick vacuum tomorrow (can't trust doing it today with a preschooler). I made both my dressings -- gluten free and... not... , and they are in the fridge drinking up all the flavors of the homemade veggie stock and spices. I washed my linens (the classier cloth I use for company ) -- I cleaned dd's room (only to be destoyed tomorrow by her and her little guest) -- hmm... Oh, I made the spiced nuts (haha, I said nuts) for the appz and also cut the celery --- I think I will serve apple slices and homemade caramel to keep the theme going --- I put diced apples in the dressing, I am making spiced apple cider, I made apple pie...you get the drift I pity the fool who doesn't like apples tomorrow at my house!
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Things I need to do today...
* CLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAANNNNNNN!!!! Oh my gosh my house is so dirty!
* Boil eggs
* Cut veggies for platter
* Did I mention clean?
* Make action plan for tomorrow
* Mix salad
* Cut cauliflower and broccoli for steaming tomorrow
* Set up dinning and living room for buffet style Thanksgiving
* Find my apple pie recipe

And I think that is it. The cleaning is going to take all day and well into the night. Woo hoo for being sick!
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Well I got everything done. Today is just about making the stuffing, turkey and gravy. I even got the table decorated and it looks beautiful! :
I am however to lazy to upload it to photobucket and bring it here. Maybe another day.

I hope all you mamas were/are able to get everything done and not just that but to enjoy the fruits of your homemaking labors this Thanksgiving!:

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Great job, takebirthback! And everyone who's hosting turkey day! I'm in awe. Magstphil, I understand about the house going to pot when you're sick. I hope everything pulls together quickly for you. In this instance I advocate for doing the obvious, and leaving the nitty gritty for another day. Just vacuum the middle of the carpet, and sweep the dust under the rug. You can give it a more thorough scrub down when there isn't a time crunch

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

*I made my first thanksgiving dinner this year!!!
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Captain Crunchy:

Could you please, please share your spicey nuts receipe? Pretty please?
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I love your table cloth - did you make it? And using the pumpkins as vases is too cute.
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OMGosh, TBB!!!! That looks amazing!
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Oh Wow, Thank you so much for the compliments everyone. I feel bad taking too much credit because I did not think of the decorations on my own. I got the ideas from Marthastewart.com I am creative and I can think of things on my own, but I will admit that most the time I find ideas on line and then follow them and add my own flair.
The table is made of a runner I sewed a few years back. The leaves are cut out of felt, so of course that is so simple. I had the napkins. I had the pumpkins and I bought the flowers. The table cost me $20 for flowers and $8 for the felt (bought off rolls so I could get the right size leaves). I was pleased b/c my goal was to use as many things as I had and not spend very much on decorations. I have felt, but the individual pieces werent big enough, so I bought some off the roll.
Everything turned out well. The table was lovely. The food was very good. It wasn't as great as I had hoped. The turkey wasn't juicy. Not dry, but not juicy. And this very amazing cake I made wasn't amazing, it was a little overdone, therefore a little dry. But it was still good. The frosting is to die for. I made a carmalized apple spice cake with brown sugar meringue, buttercream frosting! :
Overall I was happy, but nothing WOWed me like I was hoping it would. Kinda disappointing for all that work. Anyone else get bummed when they put so much effort in and it's not absolutely AMAZING? I really wanted to WOW everyone.
BUt dh's family are also very very simple folk, so it was all overdone to them anyways. LOL I don't care though I did it cuz I enjoy it.
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Ugh, you guys, all I had to do this year was the turkey, the stuffing, and some rolls. You'd think I could handle that.

Well, the morning of thanksgiving, while I was getting ready to make the stuffing, I discover I forgot to get butter at the store. So I had to send DH out on a last minute butter run before I could make my stuffing. So the turkey went in late, and the dinner we were supposed to be eating at 3pm ended up being ready at FIVE pm I didn't even have appetizers, because we were supposed to be eating so early.

Anyway, everything was yummy and worth the wait, but oy vey. Thanksgiving was saved by the House marathon on USA :
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takebirthback, your table looked amazing! I forgot to take pictures of mine but my Thanksgiving was a big hit! I know what you mean about expecting *amazing* and getting not-so-amazing. I always have this picture of how things should go and when one thing is slightly off or doesn't happen perfectly, I get all disappointed like the whole day was a flop Thankfully, (no pun intended) my dinner went perfectly (which so rarely happens).

Now seeing your beautiful table I wish I would have taken pictures of mine. I was going to but I got caught in the preparations etc and forgot.

lol @ House SharonAnne
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Originally Posted by *LoveBugMama* View Post
Captain Crunchy:

Could you please, please share your spicey nuts receipe? Pretty please?
I would, but unfortunately I just throw random ingredients that I think will go well together in a pan and hope for the best

I took some brown sugar, a tiny bit of water, some cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves and simmered them in a pan until it began to thicken a bit -- then tossed it with nuts and laid it on wax paper in an oven that was off -- but was cooling from something I had baked (so, warm).

Very easy and tasted really good. When they were done I tossed them with a tiny bit of melted butter and some salt and brown sugar.

They were a big hit but I can't give exact measurements because I don't roll like that with my cooking
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CC thats how i cook pretty much everything... hmm... that looks like it would work.. ill just toss that in ... and that..and that! lol
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Well we went to family's house for T-day dinner, so I'm roasting my turkey today. They were so cheap with the b/f t-day sales that I bought two. I'll do one today just to have meat for sandwiches and casseroles, and I've got the other one in the chest freezer and I'll pull it out in a couple of months when we're not sick of turkey any more. I also need to bake bread this evening, and taste my kombucha to see if it's ready to bottle and re-boot.

I was wondering, how much do you ladies do of sewing your clothes. I find fabric is prohibitively expensive, and get most of my clothes from the thrift store. I do alter things as needed though. I've got two little boys, and boys are not nearly as much fun to sew for as girls are, so they get home made longies, but that's about it. (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a mom to boys, they're terrific. They're clothes just aren't as much fun as the frilly girly stuff : )
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I'm roasting a turkey today too! We went to friends for Thanksgiving and I already had a turkey out thawing so I'm making it today! Getting a little too brown too fast though, so I had to cover it with foil.

As for sewing, mostly I do repairs. Occasionally I make my dd some little cotton pants from my old long sleeve tees or a little sundress. I once saw a pattern online for some cute karate style loose pants made from the body of a tee shirt and it looked super simple, I've been procrastinating with trying it out.

We put up Christmas decorations today, along with the tree ( a mini tree). I've been thinking about making some pinecone bird feeders soon for the birdies. Glad to see this thread has taken on a life of it's own, I guess we needed something like this!
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I really, really want to get down with sewing. I got a pattern for an awesome dress on etsy that I'm going to make for my girls to wear on my oldest's birthday in June. I hope. Either that, or I'll be freely offering a pattern for an awesome dress that I intended to make for my girls sometime after June.
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