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Joining you all!

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I missed AF yesterday, and originally I was going to wait until Monday to test because I wanted it to be really obvious (was sick of BFNs), but since I was charting temps and my temp dipped 2 days ago and then came back up yesterday and went higher today with no AF in sight... and I've had a lot of nausea and those early uterine stretchy cramps... plus DH is having a bad day.... some online friends convinced me to test today to give DH something to cheer him up, and it was a clear positive. :

I'm due roughly around June 18 with baby #3. I have 2 boys, and I'm hoping to make it into June, as I've never gotten past 36w6d. Thankfully, my midwife will deliver as early as 36 weeks.

And I am going to sing the praises of Vitex. We've been trying for a few months now, and I always got preg on the first try before, but this time was more difficult due to wacky cycles since AF returned after #2. I started taking Vitex 3 cycles ago, and the second cycle was shorter (actually a reasonable length!), and my luteal phase lengthened by a day. This cycle I ovulated around CD 15 or 16. Normally I don't ovulate until CD 21 or 23. So yay for Vitex! Definitely worked well for regulating my hormones. :
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: Welcome! :
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Welcome and congratulations!!!

I used vitex too (for 9 months), and definitely credit it with my cycles getting back. This was the first cycle I Oed before cd 20.
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conrats mama! welcom to the june ddc! :
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Welcome. :
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Welcome! : (I love this smilie)
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