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finding others?

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How have you found other families that are also tv free to spend time with?
We have experimented with different playgroups etc, but just haven't found others to connect with - our kids get along great with everyone and are invited all over the place. I think I'm looking for like minded companionship more than them. They make friends everywhere.
Maybe I just need to start dressing my kids and myself in t-shirts proclaiming our 'cage free' baby-ness, homeschooled little ones, and tv-free selves....aargh.

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It is very hard. Something like 99% of American homes have at least 1 tv.

And even look here at MDC... TV free is even "controversial" here, even among the most "crunchy of the crunchy".

I wish I had better advice...
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Do you have a Waldorf school nearby? Many Waldorf families are TV-free or at least not TV-centered. There might be a parent-child class there you could attend, or often schools hold fairs and festivals open to the community. Some even have workshops and support groups for going media-free.

The Waldorf school is the only place I personally have ever met TV-free people.
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I met another TV free family through LLL.:
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