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massage in Durham or CH?

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Hey y'all. I"m looking for a massage therapist for a one time massage in the Durham/CH area. I prefer hot stone massage. $$$ is not really an object.

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Joanne Dahill
(919) 698-9110
journey2health@verizon. net

She's a doula and massage therapist and I would highly recommend her!
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I see Kate Katahdin almost weekly, she's great!

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i highly recommend anne bowman. she was at the birth of both of my girls in addition to being my pre and postnatal massage therapist. she's in cary or apex though.

in raleigh, there is erin salmon who is one of my fave people in all the world.
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My mama is in Carrboro, she especially likes working on mothers of young children.

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you can also do a search at massagetherapyDOTcom.
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