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Montgomery County Homeschoolers?

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Hi! Is anyone interested in meeting up in the Telford area? Maybe at the Calvary church cafe and play area?
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p.s. I'm from Lancaster County now, but originally from Montgomery. We come in for the doctors and other things and my parent's backyard touches Calvary's yard....the play area and cafe is really cool there and indoors, that is why I thought of it...I didn't want anyone to think I was from Calvary trying to get recruits, lol. We're up for meeting other places, though.
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Technically, I'm in Montco, but we're practically on the Chesco line, a minute or two from Phoenixville. Telford isn't super close, we're in Collegeville, do you know where that is?
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Yes! Any places to meet up around you?
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montgomery county homeschoolers

i sent a message earlier directly to (you) fluttermama (i think!), but not sure if it got anywhere...i'm new to this discussion forum and am figuring out this posting thing!!!

at any rate...i'm in quakertown, homeschooling my son who is 7 and my daughter who is 3 joins in when the spirit moves her!
not sure where calvary church is, but telford is close. also, if you guys find a place to meet between you and collegeville, i could drive there too i think.

...desperately hoping to find some like-minded folk to spend time with/identify with. just joined the discussion board today and was so thrilled to find this post!!!
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Would you both be interested in meeting at the cafe at Calvary, then? We could meet at a park this month, too, if anyone wanted... but as it gets cooler, the indoor play area and cafe is really great. My kids love it. Another option would be King of Prussia...is there an indoor play area at that mall? I have to find out the hours of the cafe at Calvary. I haven't been able to find it on their website. Do you know where the Provident (now Berean) bookstore is mama-lo in Souderton? It's right up the road from there behind Frederick's flowers, sort of, but on the other side of the street. I think that is 113. It's actually Calvary Church of Souderton...(my parents address is Telford and since their yard touches Calvary's I figured it was Telford but it's not. )

We'll be in Quakertown tomorrow...we go to Woodland's doctors.
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we're in for calvary cafe! (i'm pretty sure i know where the church is.)
not sure what days work for you guys but thursdays and fridays are usually open for us. depending on your schedules though, we could make a monday or wednesday work too.
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Awesome...let's look at the last week in October...any days that would suit? I have to call Calvary to find out their hours because I don't see it on the website. I'll be back to post the hours...
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the last week of october, we're wide open except for monday afternoon. any of the other days, we could do morning or afternoon. don't know if you have a preference....
metasequoia, are you able to make this drive???
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There are a few MDC mamas in the Eastern Montgomery Inclusive Homeschool yahoo group. They rotate park days on Thursdays between playgrounds in North Wales, Blue Bell, and Plymouth Meeting. I drive ds up to them half the time (North Wales is a bit of a hike, I'm more southernly located). Let me rummage up the url... http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EastMo...guid=257583870
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thanks for the lead, 4evermom!
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