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Making bat wings?!!??

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Hello everyone,
Does anyone have advice on making bat wings for a Halloween costume?
My son (soon to be 4yrs.) dictated an illustration to me of what he wants
to be for Halloween...
An adorable multicolored bat.
I am a talented artist, but sewing is not my forte.
I was figuring I could cut the wings out of fleece or felt and hand sew some finger bones, but attaching them to his shirt? Or making them removable so he can wear them with any shirt?

Oh my, I am in over my head....
Any suggestions for where to start?
(He is carrying around my drawing telling everyone "I'm gonna be a bat for Halloween!)

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We have a butterfly "costume" that is just a cape with elastic at the wrists to hold it out. You could do something like that. Ours also has a hood but you could just do a tie at the neck.
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i have the same dilemma and figured that same butterfly shape. 2 quarter circles, slightly scalloped, with ties at the wrist and around the neck, maybe also at the elbows. funny- my ds is almsot 4 too! my mom made him pjs out of fabric with a bat pattern, so we're calling this his batman costume. i don't think he knows who batman is, unless he learned about batman from kids at daycare.
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check out my post in toys and dolls for make your own butterfly/fairy wings. I just dyed a playsilk, took old stockings and tied them around the middle, then took two legs of the stockings and sewed them on the silk for arm straps. I've actually thinking of making bat wings like those recently b/c 2 silks I dyed came out black.
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I have a girlfriend who attaches their bat wings with safety pins, so they can wear them with whatever they happen to be wearing that day. My ds will be a brown bat this year, so I am attaching the wings at the top to his sleeves and down the side of his shirt by sewing by hand, and then to the pants with velcro. I will use probably boning (like you would use in a corset style dress) for the mid wing "ribs" to help keep the wings out straight.
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A few years ago we made a bat costume for my nephew. We used a fake leather material. To wear it, we made a "tunnel" at the top by folding the material over and gluing it down. He could put his arms into the tunnels which made for good flapping. He just put it on over a black shirt and pants.
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Check out this link. My SIL is making a bat costume for her son using this an umbrella, as suggested in the link.
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One year we actually used nylon panty hose pulled over wire clothes hangers I had shaped to look like fairy wings.

I mounted them on a ractangle of denim and made little elastic arm holes....very similar to store bought fairy wings......One could also decorate these wings with something other than nylons I bet...I just might try that this year LOL

Hope this helps
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What fabulous ideas!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I am not feeling overwhelmed anymore, now I am excited and I feel
like I can do it. I'm actually looking forward to getting started!

Thank you!

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