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Best night time dipes

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We were very lucky and were able to go to the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas this fall. I say I was lucky because Dh got to see a lot of different types of cloth diapers and said we could try it out. He wants to start at overnight only at first until we find which ones he likes best. Right now we have 2 Wahmies and 2 G-Diapers (that we had bought a long time ago when DS was having such bad diaper rash.)

So far he does not like the g-diapers because of the velcro wearing. And he is not fond of the wahmies because of the swimming suit bra type closure.

I ordered a "sampler package" of Fuzzi Bunz, Drybees AIO Hybrid, and Thirsties AIO. I want to see what Dh likes.

Any suggestions?
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Fitteds with covers work best for us overnight. We like Bamboozle, Dream-Eze and Goodmama.

It's great that you're trying it! Is there a reason why it's nighttime only at first?
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Hemp all the way

A hemp "prefold", a hemp liner inside and Aristocrat wool cover...any cover would work! They sell this as a package at this site. We use this setup for nighttime. We have never had a leak and my youngest sleeps 12 hours straight!
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I plan to get some doublers to put on with the prefold. A friend recommended that for night time - no changing needed, I guess.
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Thank you so much! I have spent some time looking up each one of your suggestions and will show them to Dh when he is home again.

We chose to start with night time because DS is with various caretakers during the day, some days with Grandma, some days with his Godmother, and others with Dh. So if we get used to doing it first then we can then move onto during the day and show his caretakers how we think its easier and what works well.

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We used bumgenius with my son until he was about 15 months old, if you buy the one size they fit from 8 lb to 35 lb, and they are pocket diapers so you can stuff them lightly for daytime and full for night, which is what we did and at about 15 mo he started peeing through during the night. They work well for people watching your kid cause you can pre-stuff them and then they are just like regular diapers. I know I would feel a little bad about asking other people to prefold and then cover, but everyone thinks these are really easy.
Now that my son is older we are using all in ones that are too big for him with doublers, hemp is very absorbant, or prefolds with doublers or flats.
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I use CPF during the day, but have started to use BG 3 overnight with my 3.5 month old. I put in both inserts, and the diaper doesn't leak, even when she sleeps 12 hours (with 2-3 feeds--no, she doesn't sleep that long!). I like that it stays dry feeling, so that I don't have to disturb her sleep with a diaper change.
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