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How do I gently introduce more Spanish?

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It may seem like a silly question, but I've noticed that I've almost completely stopped using Spanish with DD in normal conversation (Other than identifying objects and naming them in both languages). I've noticed because she only says a few words in Spanish and everything else is in English.

So I want to reverse this, but I don't want to bombard her and have her feel like she can't communicate with me or understand me. Any ideas? She's 21 months and so far can count to ten in English and Spanish, and can repeat anything I say in Spanish (in toddlerese of course).
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great questions. same here. i sing spanish songs to my little one. read some books in spanish. repeat single words, but my husband doesn't speak it, so i just end up in english. then there are some things i say in spanish like come here, be careful, want to nurse?
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My personal opinion? Just start speaking it again. I don't think you need to be "gentle" about it--just make sure you use a lot of gestures, exaggerated facial expressions, pantomime, pointing, etc. Act out what you are saying, while you are saying it. Act out stories. Read well illustrated books and point out the pictures that correspond with various words. She will be fine Even adults are often taught this way in immersion classes and, once they get used to it, do fine with it--and young children are in a much better position to learn languages this way. So my vote is full steam ahead, with lots of visual, facial, and other physical cues.
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I agree- doing it gently seems like it might backfire and land you back w/ English mainly.

Lucky you to speak a foreign language- I have a hard time getting my DH to speak Arabic to DD!
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: ....I find myself having the same problem with slipping back into English. When I catch myself I just go back to speaking in Spanish. So far ds seems to have about equal understanding of Spanish and English. But my mom watches him all day (in English) and we also live with my parents, so he hears a lot of English. I don't know how to combat that other than total immersion. i will say, in doing ESL with my spanish speaking students, tha i wil say with gestures, for example, "bring me your book." puzzled look....."your book" (i point) "traigame tu libro.....I want you to bring me your BOOK." To make it clear without frustrating her.
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