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So scared - I think I'm having a miscarriage *SAD UPDATE POST 19

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Yesterday I had some brown spotting, which over the night progressed into pinkish-red spotting. Now I am bleeding dark red blood. It's not very heavy, I only wore one pad all night (and I was up at a birth, being active, from 2-7:30), and have been wearing the same new pad since 7:30 and there's just a bit of blood. However, when I have gone pee the last couple of times, there have been little blood clots in the toilet and on the TP.

The funny thing about all this is that this bleeding is my only symptom. I feel pregnant still, and haven't had so much as a single cramp. No fever either. But I feel like it's far too much blood for it to be normal. I must be losing the baby if that much of my endometrium is being shed, right?

I am emotionally a total wreck. I am in a midwifery teleconference right now and I am so fuzzy. I keep thinking I should be peeing into a little bowl or something and make sure I can try and see my poor little embryo when he/she comes out. Why is this happening to me?! I have two beautiful, healthy children. I am healthy, I eat really well. I love this baby so much and was welcoming him/her with such a loving open heart. I just felt like dying when I caught that beautiful babe this morning. Also, dh and I are going to have to wait about a year before we can try again due to my graduating/joining a new practice etc.

How do I proceed from here? Would there be any point in having a U/S? Should I just wait for the cramping to begin? Should I be staying in bed or just normal activity? I'm 6w2d.
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I have no advice, I wish there was something I could do to make it all better. Just know that you are in my thoughts and I so hope you and your baby get through this OK
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I wish I had answers for you. Best of luck.
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I hope that everything turns out ok for you, Mama.
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mama. i'm so sorry you're going through this. i hope that it isn't a m/c, but instead your baby anchoring down even more. i also know that sub-chorionic bleeds can happen and not result in m/c, so perhaps this may be what you're experiencing?
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I can share some with you. I experienced progressive bleeding just like you describe at 10w5d in February. I did end up mcing. I think I would take a wait and see attitude and continue taking care of yourself. The guideline is to go to the ER if you fill a pad in 30 minutes. You can also keep taking HPTs to check and see if your levels are high enough to register a line. You can also go the medical route and get an u/s if you think it will calm your fears to "know for sure". Good luck mama.
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I am so sorry that are even needing to think about this. I am sure that you know 50% of bleeding (the heavier kind) results in perfectly healthy pregnancies. I am hoping that everything turns out ok for you.

I will tell you my experience in my last pregnancy. I was 5.5 weeks, and I started bleeding. It was not heavy or even a medium flow, but enough to be alarming. It sounded a lot like your bleeding. A few tiny clots not a consistent or heavy flow. I had no cramping or discomfort that would indicate I was losing the baby. The next day I still had some very light bleeding, but not accumulating to much. I was still bleeding on the third day and emotionally out of my mind with fears. I absolutely needed to know if the baby was ok. I made an appt with my back up cnm. When I got there the bleeding had completely stopped. While I was sitting on the table I actually passed the sac (which was probably placed just perfectly in my cervix before that, so that it stopped the bleeding), and starting bleeding quite heavy. The whole time I did not feel any cramping. They did an ultrasound, and there was nothing. My pregnancy symptoms (very strong nausea, breast tenderness and bloated belly) slowly went away over the next couple of days.

I am hoping for the best for you. You are in my thoughts.
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Oh, mama. I know how scary this is. It sounds like things could go either way at this point. You kind of have to figure things out one day at a time. If you feel up to being out and about, I don't think there is any reason not to be. Just take it easy. Carry some pads with you just in case. If it would help you to know for sure what is going on, you could get an u/s but it's not really necessary.

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Blissful, I hope you get some answers soon and I am sending positive vibes to Peterborough for you (I am in Newmarket, so they will be taking a speedy trip) and the baby. Please take care of yourself and try (although impossible) not to drive yourself crazy with worry.

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I just wanted to share that with my last pregnancy I started bleeding very heavily at about 5 weeks. Clots and red blood and everything. I had had a miscarriage a few months before with only one period in between, and I assumed I was having another miscarriage. I called the hospital (I was in the UK) and they said to come in and have an ultrasound. They did one on my tummy and could still see the sac, and then the offered to try a transvaginal one, even though it was early, on the off chance they could see a heartbeat. They did and there was! I walked out of the hospital in shock and really happy to still be pregnant, because I had been so sure it was a miscarriage. Anyhow, I had pretty heavy bleeding for a few weeks and then off and on for the whole first trimester. I don't know if she just implanted near an artery or if it was because I had had a miscarriage so recently. Anyhow, I just thought I would add my story in case it helps. If you're not too worried about ultrasound, it would likely let you know what is going on. I'll have my fingers crossed for you!!
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I am praying for you and baby, mama. It sounds like there are some VERY encouraging stories here. I'm so sorry your are going through this and will be praying for everything to be fine!
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How are you doing?? Ive been thinking about you all day.
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Oh, mama, I'm so sorry! You are in my thoughts and prayers!
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Bliss~ I just read your post... I am so sorry to hear this is happening!! HUGS!! I hope that this is just a fluke thing... can you schedule an US to see how things are doing? Keep us posted - I will be praying for your and your little one.
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Mama, my thoughts are with you. My hope and my heart goes out to you and your baby.
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Oh my- I just read your post. I don't have too many words but know your in our thoughts. I guess you really can't tell for sure at this point, try to stay positive if you can. Sorry to hear this news.
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Just read this...sending lots of
We're all thinking of you.
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I've read several stories on MDC about women with heavy bleeding that included clots, but no M/C. I'm hoping for the best for you.
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Sad update

I think it's over... I started cramping and passed something that looked like spongy tissue (it sort of looked like placenta, but I don't think there would be a placenta yet at 6+ weeks?) and there was a little tiny sac/membranes. I am still bleeding quite a lot, and cramping moderately, which should taper off soon if that was the embryo/gestational sac. If I'm still bleeding heavily on Tuesday or so, I might have a U/S to see if anything was retained.

I feel so confused, and devastated. dh is a total basketcase about the whole thing, so I haven't really had time to process as I've been comforting him. I'm sure it will hit me hard on Tuesday when I do my day of prenatal clinic.

Thanks for all your support, mamas. I'm sure I'll peek in this DDC from time to time just to torture myself, it already hurts. I wish you all really healthy pregnancies and beautiful births.
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So sorry
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